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Tamil University to initiate exchange programme

Started by sajiv, Jul 17, 2009, 05:44 PM

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Tamil University to initiate exchange programme

CHENNAI: An exchange programme for students of language universities in the country will be initiated by Tamil University at Thanjavur from this year, according to M. Rajendran, Vice-Chancellor.

Dr. Rajendran said that this decision was taken at the Senate meeting of the university held on Friday.

Once the decision was confirmed by the University authorities and the vice-chancellors of other universities accept the proposal, students of the three-year Ph.D. programmes in the different language universities could participate in the exchange programme.

"Our students will spend one year in, say Telugu University, and at the end of the year will undertake a translation of a text in that language to Tamil or from Tamil to Telugu. Similarly, a student from Telugu University can come and study Tamil here," he said.

He also said that the Senate had decided to hold conferences on Sangam literature in Hindi, Marathi and Bengali in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata respectively, to popularise the study of the literature in other places.
Committee report

D. Ravikumar, MLA and member of the Senate, said that the Senate also held a discussion on the Yash Pal Committee report on higher education.

A detailed discussion would be held by the Senate after July 21, when the current budget session of the State Assembly concluded, he said.