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24-hour support
Make sure your ISP offers 24-hours support. Don't put yourself in a situation where you cannot fix critical problems without having to wait until the next working day. Toll-free phone could be vital if you don't want to pay for long distance calls.

Daily Backup
Make sure your ISP runs a daily backup routine, otherwise you may lose some valuable data.

Traffic Volume
Study the ISP's traffic volume restrictions. Make sure that you don't have to pay a fortune for unexpected high traffic if your web site becomes popular.

Bandwidth or Content Restrictions
Study the ISP's bandwidth and content restrictions. If you plan to publish pictures or broadcast video or sound, make sure that you can.

E-mail Capabilities
Make sure your ISP supports the e-mail capabilities you need.

Front Page Extensions
If you use FrontPage to develop your web site, make sure your ISP supports FrontPage server extensions.

Database Access
If you plan to use data from databases on your web site, make sure your ISP supports the database access you need.
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Check for the hosting type matching your requirement.

If you want to host and Microsoft programs, then use Windows Server and Open Source Projects like php on Linux Server.