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Windows Function Calls

Started by sukishan, Jul 12, 2009, 06:35 PM

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Windows function calls
The sample SDK windows program makes calls to fewer windows functions. These functions with a brief description are:

1. Load IconLoads an icon for use by a program.
2. Load CursorLoads a mouse cursor for use by a program.
3. GetStockObjectObtains a graphic object in this case a brush used for painting the windows background.
4. RegisterClassRegisters a window class for the program's window
5. MessageBoxDisplays a message box.
6. CreateWindowCreates a window based on a window class.
7. ShowWindowShows the window on the screen.
8. UpdateWindowDirects the window to paint itself.
9. GetMessageObtains a message from message queue.
10.TranslateMessage Translates some keyboard messages.
11.DispatchMessage Sends a message to a window procedure.
12.PostQuitMessage To insert a "quit" message in to the message queue.
13.DefWindowProc Performe default processing of messages.
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