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NGO releases report on improving reading skills of students

Started by sajiv, Jul 08, 2009, 11:49 AM

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NGO releases report on improving reading skills of students

CHENNAI: Asmae, a French NGO working with city schools, on Wednesday released the report on the impact of the 'Reading class programme'(RCP) it has been implementing in partnership with Arunodhaya, Mary Anne Charity Trust and Bro-sign animation.

The programme, aimed at improving reading skills of students and encouraging them to read more, was implemented through story cards, games and interactive exercises. In order to evaluate its impact, a study was conducted in 6 schools where the RCP was implemented, and compared to the findings at 6 schools where the programme had not been implemented.

The findings pointed to a considerable improvement where students were part of the programme, organisers said. Releasing the report, senior educationist S.S.Rajagopalan commended the organisations that worked on the programme and said there was scope for improvement in its implementation.

He said unless students had a good command over language, they could not acquire knowledge in any subject. He said even in the Activity-Based Learning methodology implemented by the State government, language sometimes stood as a barrier.

"Students would have a good understanding of mathematical concepts, but could not read and apply them to word problems. This must be addressed," he said.