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Started by Sudhakar, Jun 24, 2009, 07:14 AM

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Here goes an Wide Opportunity for all Acumens to earn from Our IT Acumens Community.

You Share Information's with Us and We will Share Our Revenue to You as Honour.

You Post - You Get Cash ?  :confused

---------F A Q--------------

Q ) Why do we pay for our Users ?

A ) For your hard work and valuable time spent with us.

Q ) What is the use of it ?

A ) As a user you could just post some topic and we will help you to cover atleast your internet monthly expenses.

Q ) Do we really pay our Members ?

A ) Yes just visit these links for Cheque Samples - 1,00,000 Posts in 69,186 Topics by 9,542 Members

Q ) Still i do not trust ?

A ) Check the recent feedback written by the user here - GIFT / PRIZES REQUEST

Q ) How much do i get for each topic i wrote here ?

A ) Topup request made only once in a Day .Check below.


Planned by Staff Team and Management to offer ,

25 New Topics = 25 * 0.50 paise per topic = Rs. 12.50 / Day ( For Save and Use later option ) or Rs.10 Topup/Day

50 New Topics = 50 * 0.75 paise per Topic = Rs. 37.50 / Day ( For Save and Use later option ) or Rs.30 Topup/Day

100 New Topics = 100 * 1 Rupee per Topic = Rs.100 / Day ( For Save and Use later option ) or Rs.75 Topup/Day

200 +++ Topics = No. Of valid topics * 1 Rupee per Topic  ( For Save and Use later option ) or Rs.200++ Recharge & Topup/Day

---------F A Q--------------

Q ) How do i know my daily post count ?

A ) Visit your profile page to know each day post count  - Click Profile on Menu

Q ) Where do i Request for Topup every day ?

A ) You have a Ready Made Request Form @ Menu Bar -> Home -> Gift Request Form

Q ) Where i could see the Request Topup ?

A ) After posting it Check this board for updates on it reqularly - Gift / Prizes Request Board under Headquarters Category.

Q ) What is Save and Use Later option ?

A ) You could save everyday cash and withdraw or redeem it after reaching a minimum payout of Rs.500/-

Q ) When i will receive the payment after Request for Cash ?

A ) Minimum time will be 1 hour and Maximum time will be 5-7 days.

Q ) What is the no. of time i get paid in a month ?

A ) Twice a month (or) Atleast 15 days from the last request paid successfully.


25 New Referrals = 25 * 0.50 paise per referral = Rs. 12.50 / Month

50 New Referrals = 50 * 0.75 paise per referral = Rs. 37.50 / Month

100 New Referrals = 100 * 1 Rupee per Referral = Rs. 100 / Month

---------F A Q--------------

Q ) How do i refer my friend ?

A ) Visit Profile page after logged in to your account . And you could see your referral link on Profile page .

Q) Could i see my referred friends list ?

A ) Yes on the profile page , under referral you could see your list of friends referred.

Q ) I dont find any referral link under my profile page ?

A ) Currently we have a serious on our referral concept. May be we will update it once the testing is over. So kindly check regularly.


How does this work?

1) Create a thread/topic on exact board, then a description inside, along with any some additional Information's and post it.

2) BE OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS! After you've posted your links, other members are also allowed to provide feedback on your board, and you are encouraged to provide feedback for forums you've posted to.

3) Look for other Boards you may be interested in offering a few posts to.

4) Offer tips and suggestions to forums you may look at while you're here.

5) If someone has posted to your forum, you should return the favor and post to theirs.


1)Try to post in board you are really interested in, and don't just post 1 or 2 word posts, give a meaningful post if possible. More than likely if you've posted in a board you have interest in, there's a better chance to others who will have an interest in yours... maybe.

2)Login everyday for reqular updates.

3) Use both these buttons whcih you found on top of the forum, Show unread posts since last visit / Show new replies to your posts.

4) Concentrate on Good Topic and not on money.

5) Follow proper formatting, Adding min 4 Tags, Subject etc to avoid moderation on each post you made.

:educated Do's & Dont's ...

* Dont copy from other website
* Non Copyright content taken from professional websites / forums / blogs should contain Source Link of their website.
* Avoid one word and one line answering or topics.
* Dont post illegal contents/scripts/templates/software links etc
* Dont visit the website weekly once and overload it with 500 post . We do not entertain it.

* Do Format all your post. Use Colors and Formatting tips for each post you make
* Make Contents readable by other users
* Do add source to all your post if you got some useful info from non copyright content website
* Do visit everyday and share your thoughts for the existing 1 lakh topics instead of creating new topics every day
* Earn monthly to pay atleast your internet bills
* Respect everyone around the community.
* Refer and Welcome your Friends to our community.
* Spend time on post made by other users and keep yourself update on recent happenings (  :acumen )

---------F A Q--------------

Q ) I would like to collect my cash directly or meet the team behind IT Acumens ?

A ) You are always welcome to our office located @ Chennai , India. But inform us before your arrival. So we could confirm our free hours.

Q ) Do i have a inhouse job @ IT Acumens office ?

A ) Yes , if you prove yourself to be an best acumen around the community for few months. We will request you to join in our office as an inhouse support engineer with an pay around 8000 to 15000 + Your Regular Forum Earnings   ;)

Q ) My Friend/Business Team/Others would like to give advertisement in our IT Acumens Community ?

A ) Just send a personal message or click contact us button. If the Deal goes good . We will offer you 25% on successfull lead conversion.


I think i have took long time to quote this entire message. Still your doubt is not cleared yet. Kindly add a reply to it. Possible Moderators could help you out.


Really, its awesome opportunity to learn and earn something powerfully..

but, everything is ok, what is tags..

and how i add videos in my post..


Dear Admin,

It would be a good opportunity for all the people, especially in this recession session....

And it's good concept too.... :acumen

Hope, before proposed admin had a deep think....

But, let's see how the response given by our people..

You may spend long time to think and update this faq, so, this makes our community to reach the higher level as


As a Global Moderator, i wish all the acumens to share their knowledge, we will take care your internet bill...

But, please don't make your concentration on quantity, show in quality..

Wish all the acumens to do the best with us.

Let us know for any help....


Hey this is very good way !

Can i earn some money now?

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