Good demand for civil engineers in country

Started by sajiv, Jun 23, 2009, 09:39 AM

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Good demand for civil engineers in country

Majority of the speakers have enlightened students and parents about the bright prospects in the mechanical engineering and civil engineering streams during The Hindu Education Plus counselling programme on engineering, medicine and professional courses in Nizamabad town on Monday.

They had also clarified various doubts raised by the students on the future of IT.
What are the prospects of Petroleum engineering courses in the country?

Petroleum engineering is having bright future for another 30 years. However with the extinction of natural resources of petrol and gas, the world is searching for alternative energy sources. The University of Petroleum Energy Studies, Dehradun, is offering the petroleum engineering courses in the country. B.Tech (Chemical engineering) is better than petroleum engineering.
Whether a B Tech (civil engineering) student can opt for other branch for doing M Tech and what will be the prospects of civil engineering?

This is the era of civil engineering with the lot of infrastructural developmental works going on in a rapid pace in the country. Even foreign countries are looking for Indian expertise in civil engineering. Several reputed construction companies are coming to colleges and recruiting civil engineers by paying good salaries. Even in this recession period, this is good demand for the civil engineers in the country.
Is civil engineering is suitable for the girl students?

Civil engineering is suitable to all and even girls can also opt for the branch.

There is no need for girls to go to the site and inspect the construction amid odd conditions. They can handle back-office jobs of designs of the structures with the help of computers by remaining indoors.

Architecture is another better option for girl students and they can also become architect consultants for various builders.
What about the future of Pharm. D and B Pharm courses in the country?

Pharm. D is a six-year course and B. Pharm is a three-year course. There is bright future for pharmacy students in the country and abroad, especially in the USA, the UK and Gulf nations. D Pharm deals with clinical pharmacy while B Pharm with industrial pharmacy.
What is the future of BSc (Agriculture) and BSc (Veterinary Sciences)? Are there are any private BSc (Agriculture) colleges in the State?

Students after completing BSc Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences will definitely secure government jobs immediately after completing their graduation. There are no private colleges to offer BSc Agriculture course in the State. Students can pursue BSc Agriculture in Nanded, Maharashtra. Students can also do research in this field and strive for the development of the country as scientists.