Searching for work in a recession : MBA

Started by dhilipkumar, Jun 18, 2009, 10:18 AM

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When members of the MBA Class of 2009 descended on business school two years ago, their expectations were high.

The classes before them had been showered with high-paying jobs and lucrative benefits packages upon graduation, and the '09ers had no reason to think that things would be any different for them. But soon after they set foot on campus, things began to change.

The economy tanked, internships weren't as easy to find, fewer students came back for their second year with a job offer in hand, and the on-campus recruiting pipeline dried up. Those who were lucky enough to secure a job offer were constantly worried that their start date might be pushed back, or worse, that the offer would be rescinded altogether.

Now, a month after graduation, many are still looking for full-time employment.

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