E-Paper Technology

Started by aruljothi, Jun 17, 2009, 01:16 PM

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Electronic ink is not intended to diminish or do away with traditional displays.  Instead electronic ink will initially co-exist with traditional paper and other display technologies.  In the long run, electronic ink may have a multibillion-dollar impact on the publishing industry.

Ultimately electronic ink will permit most any surface to become a display, bringing information out of the confines of traditional devices and into the world around us.     Electronic ink is a pioneering invention that combiners all the desired features of a modern electronic display and the sheer convenience and physical versatility of sheet of paper.

E-paper or electronic paper is sometimes called radio paper or smart paper.  It is many applications includes making of the next generation paper.  Paper would be perfect except for one obvious thing: printed words can't change.  The effort is to create a dynamic high-resolution electronic display that's thin and flexible enough to become the next generation of paper.