Digital Light Processing

Started by aruljothi, Jun 17, 2009, 01:07 PM

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Electronic projection display technologies for high brightness applications, from the initial Gretag Eidophor, an oil based projection, to solid state technology based LCD systems, are all analog devices having many disadvantages.

All the products of this information age, digital cameras, digital concoders, digital satellite system, DVDs, play source material of unprecented image quality and so does the Internet-the seemingly endless forum of digitized information.

The whole exercise of preserving digital video and graphic data would be pointless if it has to be converted to analog before viewing.            Texas Instruments' Digital Light Processing technology-the only available digital display technology is a revolutionary alternative.

At the heart of the DLP display is the Digital Micromirror device (DMD),a semiconductor based array of fast, reflective digital light switches. Digital electronics and optics converge at DMD.

Based on this DMD, DLP can form the final link to digital visual communication. In the same way the compact disc revolutionized the audio industry, DLP will revolutionize video projection.

This seminar describes the design, operation, performance and advantages of DLP based projection system for high brightness, high resolution application..

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