University to study sand mining

Started by sajiv, Jun 10, 2009, 01:29 PM

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University to study sand mining

To concentrate on vulnerable segments of Cauvery

DINDIGUL: Gandhigram Rural University will take up studies on sand mining in rivers in Tamil Nadu, particularly the Cauvery, said S.M. Ramasamy, Vice-Chancellor, Gandhigram Rural University.

In a release here on Tuesday, he said massive sand mining in rivers had emerged as one of the major issues constraining resources and environment not only in Tamil Nadu but also in other parts of the country.

As the sand is scooped out in large scale from riverbeds, the apprehension has arisen from all corners that it might cause chains of endangers like quicker run off owing to lack of infiltration, poor ground water recharge, extensive erosion of riverbanks, haphazard flooding of rivers and groundwater quality deterioration.

Though this apprehension is true, detailed and quantitative models are yet to be developed, which warrant deeper scientific studies involving tectonic systems of riverbeds, geology, geomorphology, flood dynamics and annual sand inflow and outflow budgeting and general life histories of the river systems, he added.

Once these are studied and models are developed, then the areas where such mined sands are replenished, additional sands are dumped, sand deposition can be promoted by the construction of dykes, haphazard floods are occurring, groundwater quantity and quality modifications occur can be brought out.

From this study, the state government can plan and regulate the sand mining, promote it in suitable zones and prohibit in other zones of the riverbeds, Dr. Ramasamy said.

To begin with, the university will concentrate on vulnerable segments of the Cauvery and subsequently in all the rivers in the State, the Vice-Chancellor said.

"The university has proposed to approach the state government for funds."