Is the UK safer for students than Australia?

Started by Kalyan, Jun 05, 2009, 09:22 AM

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Is the UK safer for students than Australia? Parents quiz counsellers

For parents aspiring to see their children study in top foreign universities, security of their wards now forms the top agenda. And, therefore, apart from volleying traditional queries on course content and quality of education, admission counsellers for UK universities are busy assuring parents that theirs is a safe country for Indian students.

"Safety is the first thing on the minds of parents considering to send their wards abroad for higher studies. There have been several questions asked if the UK is a safe bet to choose for higher education," said Harjinder Singh Lallie, a Briton of Indian origin and senior faculty member-cum-course leader in Forensic Computing and Security at the University of Derby in the UK.

"I have assured parents that the British Government and the general public there is extremely intolerant towards racial tendencies. And while it will be naïve for me to say that racial elements are non-existent in the country, the fact remains that the government and the people there are determined to keep these elements at bay," added Lallie.

On the UK's increasing tendency to accommodate students from all corners, Lallie said: "There was a time some 60 years ago, when the UK passed through a similar phase that Australia is facing now.

A lot has changed ever since and people from all races now hold eminent positions in all spheres of activity in the UK."

source : yahoo