Photoshop- Text In Crome Rain

Started by dwarakesh, May 25, 2009, 09:34 AM

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Text In Crome Rain

Final Image :

[smg id=6018]


Step 1:

Make a new document. Set width 502 pixels height 403 pixels with white background. Change foreground colour with grey #545454 and background black #000000. Make gradient colour with radial from top to bottom.

[smg id=6019]


Step 2:

Now make new layer and make text with size 70pt and colour grey #545454.

[smg id=6020]


Step 3:

Right click in graphics layer choose blending option, and follow this setting:

[smg id=6021]

[smg id=6022]

[smg id=6023]

[smg id=6024]


Step 4:

In graphics layer make duplicate layer , choose menu Layer  > duplicate layer (Ctrl + j), so we have two layer. In graphics layer choose Indicates Layer Visibility for temporary graphics layer 1 is not seen, cause we will make effect in duplicate layer.

[smg id=6025]

Step 5:

In duplicate layer, choose Filter Menu > Distort > Wave, if you see warning from Photoshop just click OK, and get setting wave like this.

[smg id=6027]


Step 6:

Show to return layer graphics 1 with click Indicates Layer Visibility. Choose filter menu > Stylize > Diffuse.

[smg id=6026]

And Here it's your final image:

[smg id=6018]