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Methods to configure an e-mail account in Outlook Express

Started by Sudhakar, May 24, 2009, 11:08 PM

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If you have an email account set up on the server, you may want to configure Outlook or Outlook express to send/receive email from this email address. To configure Outlook to connect to your account, please do the following:

1. Open Outlook express
2. At the top in the menu, click Tools
3. Click the accounts link
4. Select the mail tab
5. Click the add button
6. Click Mail
7. In the Display name field, type the name you wish to associate with this email. This is only for your purposes. It doesn't matter what name you use in this field.
8. Click the Next button
9. In the field to the right of E-mail Address type the full email address including the domain name.
10. Click the Next button
11. The incoming and outgoing server will always be unless your ISP requires you to use their outgoing mail server, or if the mail server is on a completely different server that your domain.
12. Type the incoming and outgoing mail server and click the Next button
13. The account name will be the full email address. Provide this information the field to the right of Account Name
14. In the password section type the password for the email
15. Click the Next button
16. Then click Finish