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Simple Photoshop Effects

Started by rajoe, May 21, 2009, 04:05 PM

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Solarize an image

    * Open an image on your canvas by clicking on File>Open and browse for the image you want to open.
    * Click on Filter>Stylize>Solarize.
    * Click on OK and see the effect


Painting Effect

    * Open an image which you want to convert to a painting.
    * Click on Filter>Brush Stroke>Spatter.The Spatter window will open. Give the values as follows : Spatter, Spray Radius - 10, Smoothness - 5.
    * Next, click on Filter>Blur>Blur.
    * Click on OK and see the effect


Cross-Stitch Effect

    * Open a new file.
    * Goto Filter>Texture>Patchwork. A new window opens, give the values   Square Size - 5 and Relief - 6.
    * Click on OK and see the effect