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Every domain name ends in a top-level domain (TLD) name, which is always either one of a small list of generic names (three or more characters), or a two-character territory code based on ISO-3166 (there are few exceptions and new codes are integrated case by case). Top-level domains are sometimes also called first-level domains.

The generic top-level domain (gTLD) extensions are:

Generic   .biz · .com · .info · .name · .net · .org · .pro
Sponsored   .aero · .asia · .cat · .coop · .edu · .gov · .int · .jobs · .mil · .mobi · .museum · .tel · .travel
Infrastructure   .arpa
Deleted/retired   .nato
Reserved   .example · .invalid · .localhost · .test
Pseudo   .bitnet · .csnet · .local · .root · .uucp · .onion · .exit

A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is an Internet top-level domain generally used or reserved for a country or a dependent territory.

Vanity ccTLDs are TLDs which are used for various purposes outside their home countries, because of their name. For example,

.ad is a ccTLD for Andorra, but has recently been increasingly used by advertising agencies or classified advertising.
.ag is a ccTLD for Antigua and Barbuda and is sometimes used for agricultural sites. In Germany, AG (short for Aktiengesellschaft) is appended to the name of a stock-based company, similar to Inc. in USA.
.am is a ccTLD for Armenia, but is often used for AM radio stations, or for domain hacks (such as
.as is a ccTLD for American Samoa. In Denmark and Norway, AS is appended to the name of a stock-based company, similar to Inc. in USA. In Czech Republic, the joint stock corporation a.s. abbreviation stands for Akciová společnost.
.be is a ccTLD for Belgium, but is sometimes used for the literal term "be".
.cc is a ccTLD for Cocos (Keeling) Islands but is used for a wide variety of sites such as community colleges, especially before such institutions were allowed to use .edu.
.cd is a ccTLD for Democratic Republic of Congo but is used for CD merchants and file sharing sites.
.ck is a ccTLD for Cook Islands was notably abused in Chris Morris's Nathan Barley by preceding it with ".co" in order to spell out the word cock ( as in
.dj is a ccTLD for Djibouti but is used for CD merchants and disc jockeys.
.fm is a ccTLD for the Federated States of Micronesia but it is often used for FM radio stations (and even non-FM stations, such as internet radio stations).
.gg is a ccTLD for Guernsey but it is often used by the gaming and gambling industry, particularly in relation to horse racing and online poker.
.im is a ccTLD for the Isle of Man but is often used by instant messaging programs and services.
.in is a ccTLD for India but is widely used in the internet industry.
.it is a ccTLD for Italy but is used in domain hacks (e.g.
.je is a ccTLD for Jersey but is often used as a diminutive in Dutch (e.g. ""), as "you" ("" = "search ye!"), or as "I" in French (e.g. "")
.la is a ccTLD for Laos but is marketed as the TLD for Los Angeles.
.li is a ccTLD for Liechtenstein but is marketed as the TLD for Long Island.
.lv is a ccTLD for Latvia but is also used to abbreviate Las Vegas or less frequently, love.
.ly is a ccTLD for Libya but is also used for words ending with suffix "ly".
.md is a ccTLD for Moldova, but is marketed to the medical industry (as in "medical domain" or "medical doctor").
.me is a ccTLD for Montenegro, and is recently opened to individuals.
.ms is a ccTLD for Montserrat, but is also used by Microsoft for such projects as
.mu is a ccTLD for Mauritius, but is used within the music industry.
.ni is a ccTLD for Nicaragua, but is occasionally adopted by companies from Northern Ireland, particularly to distinguish from the more usual .uk within all parts of the United Kingdom
.nu is a ccTLD for Niue but marketed as resembling "new" in English and "now" in Scandinavian/Dutch. Also meaning "nude" in French/Portuguese.
.sc is a ccTLD for Seychelles but is often used as .Source
.sr is a ccTLD for Suriname but is marketed as being for "seniors".
.st is a ccTLD for São Tomé and Príncipe but is being marketed worldwide as an abbreviation for various things including "street".
.tk is a ccTLD for Tokelau but is bought by someone and given away at page
.to is a ccTLD for Tonga but is often used as the English word "to", like ""; also is marketed as the TLD for Toronto.
.tv is a ccTLD for Tuvalu but it is used for the television ("TV") / entertainment industry purposes.
.ws is a ccTLD for Samoa (earlier Western Samoa), but is marketed as .Website
.vu is a ccTLD for Vanuatu but means "seen" in French as well as an abbreviation for the English language word "view".
.vg is a ccTLD for British Virgin Islands but is sometimes used to abbreviate Video games