GS Model Exam Question Papers

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GS Model Exam Question Papers

1.   Muziris is the Greco-Roman port city of medieval times where "The Temple of Augustus" is said to have been constructed.

2.   Mattanchery Palace known for its murals was built by the Portuguese.
Correct statements
(a)   1 only   
(b)   2 only   
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

2.   Match:    List I (Countries)
A.   Afghanistan & Pakistan    
B.   India & Tibet          
C.   India & Pakistan        
D.   North Korea & South Korea   
List II (Line of Separation)
1.   Radcliff Line
2.   McMahan Line
3.   Durand Line
4.   38th Parallel
5.   39th Parallel
   A   B   C   D
(a)       1   2   3   5
(b)       3   2   1   5
(c)      1   3   2   4
(d)       3   2   1   4

3.   Which one of the following is correct regarding Thomosian plan?
(a)   It recommended for Panchayat Centered Education in India
(b)   It recommended for adequate measures for female education
(c)   It recommended for University based education system
(d)   It recommended for education through District Boards
4.   The earliest evidence of 'Oddisi' or classical dance in Indian inscription is found in
(a)   Hathigumbha   
(b)   Junagadh      
(c)   Prayag
(d)   Boghus Kai

5.   Which one of the following is the earliest School of Indian Philosophy?
(a)   Vaisesika      
(b)   Samkhya
(c)   Yoga   
(d)   Mimamsa

6.   Match:    List I
A.   Aryabhatta    
B.   Apastamba      
C.   Charaka      
D.   Varahamihira         
List II
1.   Causes for lunar & solar eclipse
2.   Practical Geometry
3.   Encyclopedia of Medicine
4.   Rotation of Moon around the Sun & Rotation of Earth around the Sun
A   B   C   D
(a)       1   2   4   3
(b)       1   2   3   4
(c)       4   3   1   2
(d)       4   3   2   1

7.   Which one of the following is resorted in order to stimulating monetary or fiscal policy to set in motion an expansionary multiplier process?
(a)   Deficit financing
(b)   Pump Priming
(c)   Transfer Payments
(d)   Predatory Pricing

8.   Which of the following was NOT the instrument invented by Amir Khusrau?
(a)   Tabla      
(b)   Sitar      
(c)   Veena
(d)   Sanam

9.   The first Afghan ruler of Delhi Sultanate
(a)   Qutbuddin Aibek   
(b)   Jalaluddin Khalji    
(c)   Ghazi Malik      
(d)   Bahlul Lodi

10.   Which among the following Bahmani Sultanates had Urdu as court language?
(a)   Ahmednagar & Golconda
(b)   Bijapur & Golconda
(c)   Bidar & Berar
(d)   Ahmednagar & Bijapur

11.   Consider the following
1.   The operation against Thugs was led by Col. Sleeman during the Governor Generalship of Lord William Bentinck.
2.   The operation against Pindaris was led by Thomas Hislop during the Governor Generalship of Lord Hastings,
Correct statement
(a)   1 only      
(b)   2 only      
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

12.   Who among the following wrote "The Song of India" popularly known as Saare Jahan Se Achcha?
(a)   Rabindranth Tagore
(b)   Aurbindo Ghose
(c)   Allama Mohammed Iqbal
(d)   Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
13.   Who among the following started 'Free India Society' in England?
(a)   Lala Hardayal    
(b)   V. D Savarkar
(c)   Bhikaji Cama
(d)   Shyamji Krishnavarma

14.   Who among the following wrote the book "The Secret Doctrine"?
(a)   Annie Besant    
(b)   Madame Blavatsky
(c)   H. S Olcott
(d)   A. O Hume

15.   The oldest scientific department in Government of India is
(a)   Statistical Survey of India
(b)   Survey of India
(c)   Botanical Survey of India
(d)   Zoological Survey of India 

16.   The Governor of Bengal during the Battle of Buxar was
(a)   Robert Clive    
(b)   Vansittart      
(c)   Holwell
(d)   Verelst

17.   Consider the following
1.   Gujarat is the first state in India to setup a Department of Climate Change
2.   Himachal Pradesh is the first state in India to launch Jan Jan Sanjivani Van Abhiyan
3.   Uttrakhand is the first state in India to impose Green Tax
Correct statement
(a)   1 & 2      
(b)   2 & 3
(c)   1 & 3
(d)   1, 2, 3
18.   Consider the following
1.   The Reserve Bank of India is entrusted with the responsibility of regulating and supervising the Non-Banking Financial Companies by RBI, Act 1934.
2.   National Housing Bank has been set up as an apex level institution for housing finance under the NHB Act, 1987.
Correct statement
(a)   1 only       
(b)   2 only      
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

19.   Consider the following regarding Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme 2008?
1.   Prime Minister's Rojgar Yojana & Rural Employment Generation Programme has been merged into PMEGP
2.   It is administered by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
3.   It is implemented by Khadi and Village Industries Commission
Correct statement
(a)   1, 2, 3      
(b)   1 only      
(c)   1 & 3
(d)   2 & 3

20.   Who among the following was the Chairman of the Commission of experts on Reforms of the International Monetary & Financial System appointed in October 2008?
(a)   Andrei Zougrov   
(b)   Yousef Boutros Ghali
(c)   Robert Johnson
(d)   Joseph Stiglitz

21.   Who published the work "The General Theory of Employment, Interest & Money"?
(a)   John M Keynes    
(b)   Ricardo      
(c)   Phillip
(d)   Adam Smith

22.   Who among the following Early Chola King ruled over Sri Lanka?
(a)   Elara Chola   
(b)   Karikala Chola    
(c)   Koperum Chola    
(d)   Killivalavan

23.   Which one of the following statement is not correct regarding SBI?
(a)   RBI acquired a controlling interest in the Imperial Bank of India under the provisions of State Bank of India Act, 1955.
(b)   State Bank of India (Subsidiary Banks) Act, 1959 enabled the State Bank of India to take over eight former State-associated banks as its subsidiaries.
(c)   State Bank of Travancore was merged with State Bank of India in 2008.
(d)   RBI's stakes in SBI was wholly taken over by the Government of India in 2008.

24.   "Seabuckthorn" which has recently gained its commercial value in India is
(a)   A shrub which can grow in any type of barren land including in cold deserts
(b)   A domestic variety of goat, especially in Ladakh region, called as 'Ladakh Gold'
(c)   A type of marine orchin which has very high commercial value in manufacturing of medicines
(d)   A rare species of worm in Himalayan belt which is used in vermicompost
25.   Consider the following
1.   Special Drawing Right was created by the IMF in 1969 to support the Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate system.
2.   Special Drawing Right is a currency of international trade and a potential claim on the freely usable currencies of IMF members.
Correct statement
(a)   1 only      
(b)   2 only      
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

26.   Which one of the following is NOT correctly matched?
(a)   National Wine and Meat Board : Pune
(b)   National Fisheries Development Board : Hyderabad
(c)   Agricultural Products Export Development Authority : Bangalore
(d)   Marine Products Export Development Authority : Kochi

27.   In which one of the following Satyagraha did Maulana Abul Kalam Azad participated?
(a)   Sanikatta Salt Satyagraha
(b)   Wadala Salt Satyagraha
(c)   Dharasana Salt Satyagraha
(d)   Peshawar Salt Satyagraha

28.   Which one of the following statement is not correct?
(a)   Polio is caused by Picorna virus
(b)   Leprosy is caused by Hansen's coccus spirally
(c)   Japanese encephalitis is caused by Parvo virus
(d)   Cervical cancer is caused by Papilloma Virus
29.   Which one of the following relates the government borrowing and tax increase?
(a)   Recardian Equivalence
(b)   Malthusian Principle
(c)   Keynes Equivalence
(d)   Adams Constant

30.   The oldest Corporation or  Municipal body of the Commonwealth Nations outside United Kingdom is that of
(a)   Calcutta      
(b)   Madras   
(c)   Bombay
(d)   Delhi

31.   On the status of Muslims in Congress ruled provinces Muslim League prepared reports, which were
(a)   Pirpur Report
(b)   Sheriff Report
(c)   Both
(d)   Neither

32.   Who among the following started Andhra Bank?
(a)   Pattabhi Sitaramaya
(b)   N. G Ranga
(c)   T. Prakasam
(d)   Virasalingam Pantulu

33.   Which one of the following is correctly matched?
(a)   Priyadarshini Project: Rural women's empowerment and livelihood programme
(b)   Dhanalakshmi Scheme: A monetary incentive strategy for responsible parenthood
(c)   Prerna Scheme: Conditional Cash Transfer for Girl Child with Insurance Cover
(d)   All the above

34.   Which one of the following place is the Memorial of Jagjivan Ram?
(a)   Ektha Sthal    
(b)   Samta Sthal   
(c)   Vijay Ghat
(d)   Kisan Ghat

35.   Who among the following is the present Chairman of National Statistical Commission?
(a)   C. Rangarajan
(b)   Suresh Tendulkar
(c)   A.M. Khusro
(d)   Dr. Manmohan Singh

36.   Who described 'Young Bengal Movement' as the 'Pioneer of Modern Civilization of Bengal'?
(a)   Rabindranath Tagore
(b)   Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
(c)   Surendranath Banerjee
(d)   Debendranath Tagore

37.   Consider the following regarding Mausam Bima Yojana
1.   It is the first weather based Insurance Scheme in India
2.   It was jointly launched by Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative Limited
Correct statement
(a)   1 only      
(b)   2 only   
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

38.   National Productivity Council is functioning under the
(a)   Ministry of Agriculture
(b)   Ministry of Environment & Forests
(c)   Ministry of Rural Development
(d)   Ministry of Commerce & Industry
39.   Indian Museum at Calcutta which was the first such museum in Asia, was established during the reign of
(a)   Warren Hastings   
(b)   Lord Hastings   
(c)   William Bentinck
(d)   Robert Clive

40.   Who among the following Finance Minister was the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission?
(a)   Morarji Desai
(b)   Ramaswamy Venkataraman
(c)   Jawaharlal Nehru
(d)   T. T. Krishnamachari

41.   Which one of the following Committee was appointed on "The future of Regional Stock Exchanges"?
(a)   B. Sivaraman
(b)   G. Anantharaman    
(c)   Rangarajan
(d)   A. Vaidhyanathan

42.   National Biomass Resource Atlas is the Project of
(a)   Ministry of Earth Sciences
(b)   ISRO
(c)   Ministry of New Renewable Energy Sources
(d)   Ministry of Environment & Forests

43.   Siachen is the second longest Glacier in the world's non-polar areas: the world's longest non-polar glacier is present in which of the following country.
(a)   North Siberia
(b)   Argentina   
(c)   Alaska
(d)   Tajikistan
44.   Match:            List I       
A.   Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
B.   Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd.
C.   Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals
D.   Bengal Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals   
List II
1.   Kolkata
2.   Bangalore
3.   Pimpri
4.   Gurgaon
5.   Mysore
      A   B   C   D
(a)      1   2   3   4
(b)      4   2   5   1
(c)      4   3   2   1
(d)      4   1   5   3

45.   Which one of the following is the headquarters of World Diamond Council?
(a)   Kimberley      
(b)   London      
(c)   New York
(d)   Antwerp

46.   Which one of the following is the first Power Exchange in India?
(a)   Indian Energy Exchange
(b)   Power Exchange of India
(c)   National Power Exchange Limited
(d)   None of these

47.   Which of the following statement describes a 'Hung Parliament'?
(a)   A Parliament in which no party has clear majority
(b)   The Prime Minister has resigned but Parliament is not dissolve
(c)   The Parliament lacks quorum to conduct business
(d)   A lame duck Parliament
48.   Consider the following
1.   The first District Generic Store in the name of "jan aushadhi" has been opened at Philibhit, UP
2.   The "Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh" is established to promote and undertake activities aimed at achieving population stabilisation by 2045
Correct statement
(a)   1 only       
(b)   2 only      
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

49.   Match:            List I
A.   Acid Dyes         
B.   Basic Dyes
C.   Sulfur Dyes
D.   Vat Dyes
List II
1.   Effective on protein fibers
2.   Used in the coloration of paper.
3.   Used to dye cotton with dark colors   
4.   Have an affinity for the textile fibre
      A   B   C   D
(a)      1   2   3   4
(b)      4   2   3   1
(c)      4   3   2   1
(d)      4   1   5   3

50.   Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
(a)   Eutelsat : First satellite built by ISRO for a foreign customer
(b)   Omid : Iran's first indigenous satellite
(c)   Tianlian-I : Spacecraft launched for the first successful attempt of spacewalk by China
(d)   Phoenix : First spacecraft to land on the polar region of   


51.   Which one of the following statement regarding Helium is NOT correct?
(a)   All Noble gases except Radon were discovered by William Ramsay
(b)   Helium is less water soluble than any other known gas
(c)   Extraterrestrial Helium occurs predominantly in gaseous state
(d)   Out of eight isotopes of Helium, only He-3 & He-4 are stable

52.   Sangham Radio, the country's first rural community radio station was started in
(a)   Assam      
(b)   Haryana   
(c)   Madhya Pradesh
(d)   Andhra Pradesh

53.   Which one of the following National Waterway is the second longest in India?
(a)   Allahabad - Haldia stretch
(b)   Kakinada - Puducherry stretch
(c)   Talcher - Dhamra stretch
(d)   Sadiya - Dhubri stretch

54.   Who among the following was the first Indian to get Oscar Award?
(a)   Bhanu Athaiya
(b)   Satyajit Ray
(c)   A.R. Rahman
(d)   Resul Pookutty

55.   For protection of endangered rainforest which country was the first to go for the Debt-for-Nature swap?
(a)   Finland      
(b)   India   
(c)   Peru   
(d)   Bolivia

56.   According to the election rules the limit on the poll expenses for the Lok Sabha elections is
(a)   Rs. 600000      
(b)   Rs. 1000000      
(c)   Rs. 1500000      
(d)   Rs. 2500000

57.   The first Indian scientist who artificially synthesized nucleotides
(a)   H.G. Khorana     
(b)   K.C. Mehta    
(c)   J.C. Bose
(d)   None of these

58.   Which one of the following process is used for preparation of Urea?
(a)   Bosch-Meiser Process
(b)   Haber-Bosch Process
(c)   Odda Process
(d)   Calomel Process

59.   Consider the following
1.   Polymethyl methacrylate or acrylic glass is well known for their use in paints and synthetic fibers
2.   Bakelite was the first true plastic
Correct statements
(a)   1 only      
(b)   2 only      
(c)   Both 1 & 2      
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

60.   In which of the following State, Appiko movement on environment conservation was launched in 1983?
(a)   Gujarat
(b)   Mehalaya
(c)   Rajasthan
(d)   Karnataka

61.   Match:            List I
A.   Petrol
B.   Iron Sulphide
C.   Platinum             
D.   Al2 (SO4) • 18 H2O
List II
1.   White Gold
2.   Liquid Gold
3.   Hair Salt
4.   Fool's Gold
A   B   C   D
(a)       2   4   1   3
(b)       4   2   3   1
(c)       2   1   3   4
(d)       1   2   3   4

62.   Match:            List I
A.   John Dalton
B.   Dmitri Mendaleev
C.   Marie Curie
D.   Robert Boyle
List II
1.   Definition of Element
2.   Radioactivity
3.   Periodic Table      
4.   Atomic Theory
A   B   C   D
(a)       1   2   3   4
(b)       2   3   4   1
(c)       3   4   1   2
(d)       4   3   2   1

63.   Who among the following discovered that superconductors expelled applied magnetic fields?
(a)   Pierre Curie
(b)   Messiner
(c)   H.K Onnes
(d)   Cooper

64.   Consider the following
1.   Trans fat is the common name for a type of unsaturated fat with trans-isomer fatty acid
2.   Hydrogenation is the chemical reaction employed to reduce or saturate organic compounds
Correct statements
(a)   1 only      
(b)   2 only      
(c)   Both 1 & 2      
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

65.   Consider the following 
1.   Natural gas mainly contain methane
2.   LPG are gases which contain mature of propane, butane and pentane & liquefied under normal pressure
3.   CNG is the natural gas compressed to high pressure
Correct statements
(a)   1 & 2      
(b)   1, 2, 3      
(c)   2 & 3      
(d)   1 & 3

66.   Who proposed that all objects fall with same acceleration in the absence of air?
(a)   Newton
(b)   Faraday
(c)   Galileo
(d)   Einstein

67.   Ravi's salary was reduced by 10% In order to having his salary back to the original amount, must be raised by
(a)   10%       
(b)   11%       
(c)   11 1/9%         
(d)   12.5%
68.   Which one of the following is not correctly?
1.   J.J. Thomson Atomic Model : Plum pudding Model
2.   Rutherford Atomic Model : Planetary Model
3.   Neil Bohr Atomic Model : Saturnian Model
4.   Sommerfield atomic model    : Cubic model
(a)   1, 2, 3, 4
(b)   1 & 2
(c)   3 & 4
(d)   1 only

69.   Match:            List I
A.   Principal Quantum Number   
B.   Azimuthal Quantum Number   
C.   Magnetic Quantum Number
List II
1.   Shell      
2.   Sub shell   
3.   Energy shift      
   A   B   C
(a)      1   2   3
(b)      2   3   1
(c)      1   3   2
(d)      2   1   3

70.   In the given figure, find out the missing number

(a)   9      
(b)   7         
(c)   5
(d)   11
71.   2000 people lived in a village in 1975. In 1981 the male population has increased by 10% & the female population has decreased by 6% but the total population has remained unchanged. The number of males in 1975 was
(a)   775
(b)   750
(c)   725
(d)   675

72.   A man can do a piece of work in 30 hours If he takes his son with him & both work together then the work is finished in 20 hours The son working in the same capacity as when he was working with his father, can finish the work in
(a)   60 hours       
(b)   50 hours
(c)   25 hours
(d)   10 hours

73.   In a bucket there are 12 mangoes out of which 4 are eaten. If we pickup 3 mangoes at random what is the probability of getting one good mango?
(a)   12/55
(b)   13/55
(c)   12/56
(d)   12/57

74.   I am facing South, I turn 900 in the anti-clockwise direction & walk 30 m & then turning north I walk 40 m & then turning west I go 60m. Then turning left I walk 80 m. How far am I from the starting point?
(a)   30 m   
(b)   40 m   
(c)   50 m
(d)   210 m
75.   The sum of two numbers is 7 & their product is 10. The sum of their squares is
(a)   49    
(b)   29
(c)   14
(d)   10

76.   A train covers a distance of 180 km in 4 hours. Another train covers the same distance in one hour less. What is the difference in the distances covered by these two trains in one hour?
(a)   45 km
(b)   40 km
(c)   15 km
(d)   9 km

77.   Out of 80 pupils who scored first class marks in Mathematics or English, 50 obtained first class marks in Mathematics & 10 in English & Mathematics. The number of pupils who scored first class marks in English only is
(a)   20   
(b)   30
(c)   40
(d)   10

78.   At 2.15 'O' clock the hour & minute hands of a clock form an angle of
(a)   300      
(b)   22½0
(c)   7½0
(d)   50

79.   Which one of the following the important ingredient of explosive Armstrong's Mixture?
(a)   Potassium Chlorate & Potassium Nitrate
(b)   Red Phosphorous & Ammonium Nitrate
(c)   Red Phosphorous & Potassium Chlorate
(d)   Ammonium Nitrate & Potassium Nitrate
80.   Which one of the following is not correctly matched regarding HIV victims rehabilitation?
(a)   Madhu Babu Pension Yojana first time for HIV victims   : Orissa
(b)   Reservations in Jobs for HIV Victims: Kerala
(c)   Health Insurance package for HIV Victims: Karnataka
(d)   Connect Project to rehabilitate HIV Victims: Manipur

81.   Match:           List I
A.   Pipavav Port
B.   Jawaharlal Nehru Port   
C.   Kochi Port
D.   Tuticorin Port
List II
1.   Marine Products
2.   Container Terminal
3.   Petroleum Products
4.   Coal
   A   B   C   D
(a)      1   2   3   4
(b)      4   3   1   2
(c)      1   3   2   4
(d)      4   1   2   3

82.   Consider the following
1.   Sorghum has the largest area of cultivation among Cereals next to rice in India
2.   Wheat recorded the highest production in terms of volume.
Correct Statement
(a)   1 only
(b)   2 only
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

83.   Which one of the following pair is NOT correctly matched?
(a)   Isaac Newton     : Arithmetica Universalis
(b)   Galileo Galilee   : The Starry Messenger
(c)   Johannes Kepler : New Astronomy
(d)   John Dalton        : Two New Sciences

84.   Consider the following
1.   Euro became the official currency of all 27 member countries of EU in 1995
2.   Montenegro is the latest non EU member to use Euro
Correct Statement
(a)   1 only
(b)   2 only
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

85.   Who among the following was the first Woman judge of International Court of Justice?
(a)   Navanethem Pillay
(b)   Mary Robinson
(c)   Dame Rosalyn Higgins
(d)   Louise Arbour

86.   Which of the following pair is NOT correctly matched?
(a)   Port Odessa   : Russia
(b)   Port Salalah   : Oman
(c)   Port Eyl      : Somalia
(d)   Port Sevatapol    : Ukraine

87.   The green fluorescent protein which can be used in making biosensor is originally developed from
(a)   Star Fish
(b)   Sea Orchids
(c)   Silver Fish
(d)   Jelly Fish

88.   Match:             List I
A.   R.S. Sharma         
B.   V.P. Agarwal
C.   J. Harinarayan
D.   A.K. Bajaj
List II
1.   Chairman, IRDA
2.   Chairman, AAI
3.   CMD, NTPC
4.   Chairman, CWC
   A   B   C   D
(a)       1   2   3   4
(b)       1   3   4   2
(c)       3   2   1   4
(d)       3   4   1   2

89.   Match:             List I
A.   Marilyn Ferguson      
B.   Samuel Huntington
C.   Salman Rushdie
D.   Harold Pinter
List II
1.   The Aquarian Conspiracy
2.   Clash of Civilisation
3.   The Enchantress of Florence
4.   The Home Coming
   A   B   C   D
(a)       1   2   3   4
(b)       3   4   2   1
(c)       4   3   2   1
(d)       3   4   1   2

90.   Who among the following was appointed as the chairman of the committee on Commodity Future?
(a)   B.K Chaturvedi
(b)   Mohan Ram
(c)   Sundar
(d)   Abhijit Sen
91.   Which one of the following Country has highest number people speaking Swahili language, the only language of African origin among the official working languages of the African Union?
(a)   Kenya
(b)   Mozambique
(c)   Somalia
(d)   Tanzania

92.   Match:      List I (IIT)
A.   IIT Bombay
B.   IIT Madras
C.   IIT Kanpur
D.   IIT Delhi
List II   (Set up in collaboration with)
1.   UK
2.   USA
3.   West Germany
4.   USSR
   A   B   C   D
(a)       1   2   3   4
(b)       3   4   2   1
(c)       4   3   2   1
(d)       3   4   1   2

93.   Galapogas National Park is the first national park of
(a)   Ecuador
(b)   Peru
(c)   Colombia
(d)   USA

94.   Which one of the following is related to "Von Willebrand Disease"?
(a)   Immunity
(b)   Coagulation
(c)   Nutrition
(d)   Neural disorder
95.   Which one of the following is the only Gulf country with whom India has a defence cooperation agreement?
(a)   Saudi Arabia
(b)   UAE
(c)   Qatar
(d)   Oman

96.   Consider the following
1.   Operation Atlanta is the joint naval patrol against Somali pirates led by India
2.   International Maritime Organization started its operation in 1959 with its headquarters at London   
Correct statement
(a)   1 only
(b)   2 only
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

97.   Which one of the following institution has recently launched the Financial Development Report in 2008?
(a)   World Economic Forum
(b)   World Bank
(c)   International Monetary Fund
(d)   International Finance Corporation

98.   Consider the following
1.   Multi Commodity Exchange has launched Volatility Index in India in 2008
2.   National Stock Exchange has launched National Spot Exchange in 2008
Correct statement
(a)   1 only
(b)   2 only
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

99.   Which one of the following is the largest constituency in India based on number of voters?
(a)   Outer Delhi
(b)   Ladakh
(c)   Unnao
(d)   Mumbai South

100.   In which of the following place does the Large Hadron collider, world's largest particle collider, is located?
(a)   New Brunswick
(b)   Geneva
(c)   Cadarache
(d)   Emsland


101.   Which one of the following was the first spacecraft to reach the surface of the Moon?
(a)   Luna 1
(b)   Luna 2
(c)   Apollo
(d)   Pioneer 3

102.   The headquarters of the Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Asia's largest Sports Institute, is located at
(a)   Patiala
(b)   Sonepat
(c)   Gandhinagar
(d)   Bangalore

103.   Which one of the following 2008 Grand Slam Tennis titles is NOT correctly matched?
(a)   Wimbledon   : Rafael Nadal
(b)   Australian Open   : Novak Djokovic
(c)   US Open      : Roger Federer
(d)   French Open    : Marat Safin

104.   For which of the following dispute resolution, Martti Ahtisaari was appointed a UN Special Envoy?
(a)   Palestine
(b)   Kosovo
(c)   South Ossetia
(d)   Lebanon

105.   Match: List I                List II
A.   Jeev Milka Singh      1. Golf
B.   Geet Sethi         2.Billiards
C.   Monika Devi      3.Weightlifting
D.   Surya Shekar Ganguly   4. Chess
   A   B   C   D
(a)      1    4   2   3
(b)      1   2   3   4
(c)      4   1   2   3
(d)      2   1   3   4

106.   Consider the following
1.   The Caspian Sea, bounded by Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan, is regarded as the world's largest lake
2.   The Bosporus strait connects Caspian Sea to the Sea of Marmara, and the strait of the Dardanelles connects it to the Aegean Sea region of the Mediterranean
Correct Statements
(a)   1 only
(b)   2 only      
(c)   Both 1 & 2       
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

107.   Who among the following is the only US President to serve more than two terms?
(a)   Franklin D. Roosevelt
(b)   Harry S. Truman
(c)   Dwight D. Eisenhower
(d)   John F. Kennedy
108.   In which of the following State Bru or Reang tribes originally belong to?
(a)   Mizoram
(b)   Manipur
(c)   Mehalaya
(d)   Nagaland

109.   Match:   List I (New Tiger reserves)
A.   Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary
B.   Anshi National Park   
C.   Sanjay Dubri Wild Life Sanctuary
D.   Satosia Wildlife Sanctuary
      List II (States)
1.   Karnataka
2.   Chattisgarh
3.   Orissa
4.   Madhya Pradesh
A   B   C   D
(a)       1   2   3   4
(b)       2   1   3   4
(c)       1   2   4   3
(d)       2   1   4   3

110.   The recently identified Urpad Beel Wetland which is a Ramsar wetland site is present in which of the following state?
(a)   Meghalaya
(b)   Assam
(c)   Himachal Pradesh
(d)   Mizoram

111.   World's largest integrated solar power complex was set up in India at
(a)   Haldia
(b)   Jodhpur
(c)   Nagpur
(d)   Drass

112.   Consider the following
1.   India has agreed to implement Naumure hydel power station across R. Rapti in Nepal
2.   India has launched the modernization of Varzob-I hydro power station at Tajikistan
Correct statement
(a)   1 only
(b)   2 only
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

113.   Which one of the following was the chief residence of the Dalai Lama in Tibet?
(a)   Samteling Palace
(b)   Narayanhiti Palace
(c)   Potala Palace
(d)   Tashichhodzong Palace

114.   India's first Helium Extraction Pilot Plant was started in which of the following state?
(a)   Tamilnadu
(b)   Kerala 
(c)   Gujarat 
(d)   Meghalaya

115.   Consider the following
1.   A stem tuber forms from thickened rhizomes or stolons.
2.   A tuberous root is a modified lateral root and functions as a storage organ
3.   Potato is an example of root tuber
Correct statement
(a)   1, 2, 3
(b)   1 & 2
(c)   2 & 3
(d)   1 & 3

116.   Which one of the following statements is correct regarding readjustment of seats?
1.   The allocation of seats in the House of People to the States as readjusted on the basis of the 1971 census
2.   The division of each State into territorial constituencies as may be readjusted on the basis of the 2001 census
3.   Delimitation in India in 2008 was done in all States except Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland.
(a)   1 & 2      
(b)   3 only      
(c)   1 & 2      
(d)   1, 2, 3

117.   Which of the following is/are designated Border trading posts between India and China?
1.   Shipkila   
2.   Nathu la 
3.   Lipulekh
(a)   1 & 2
(b)   2 & 3
(c)   1 & 3
(d)   1, 2, 3

118.   Match:
List I (Countries)          List II (Presidents)
A.   Sudan      1. Omar al Bashir
B.   Iceland      2. Johanna Sigurdar
C.   Georgia      3. Nilka Gilauri
D.   Somalia      4. Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
A   B   C   D
(a)       1   2   3   4
(b)       2   1   3   4
(c)       4   2   3   1   
(d)       4   3   2   1
119.   Which is not correctly matched?
(a)   International Union for Conservation of Nature   : Geneva
(b)   International Rice Research Institute : Manila
(c)   International Tribunal for Law of Sea : Hamburg
(d)   International Organisation for Migration : Madrid

120.   Consider the following
1.   Gandhi had set up Navjivan Trust in 1929 at Ahmedabad
2.   First issue of Navajivan bearing the name of Gandhiji as its editor was published in 1919
Correct statement
(a)   1 only
(b)   2 only
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

121.   Which one of the following is correctly matched?
1.   Rose Atoll in Andaman Islands has the highest proportion of live coral in the world
2.   Agatti & Kadmat islands in Lashadweep is a coral breeding centre
Correct statement
(a)   1 only
(b)   2 only
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

122.   Which one of the following is not a member in Gulf Cooperation Council?
(a)   Saudi Arabia
(b)   Kuwait
(c)   Oman
(d)   Iran
123.   Which of the following is the Latest member to be admitted into NATO?
1.   Croatia
2.   Macedonia 
3.   Albania
4.   Georgia
(a)   1, 2, 3, 4      
(b)   1 & 3
(c)   2, 3, 4
(d)   1 & 2

124.   Which of the following statement is true?
1.   Natanz is the Second Largest city in Iran.
2.   Shatt al-Arab is a river formed by the confluence of the Euphrates and the Tigris also serves as a border between Iran and Iraq
(a)   1 only
(b)   2 only
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

125.   Which of the following is true about North Korea?
1.   The highest point in North Korea is Paektu-san Mountain
2.   Amnok River is the longest river in North Korea   
(a)   1 only
(b)   2 only
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

126.   The United Nations General Assembly declared the year 2009 as the year of....
(a)   Potato
(b)   Rice
(c)   Natural fibre
(d)   Glciers
127.   Which of the following countries are the new members of UNSC non-permanent members?
1.   Austria,
2.   Japan,
3.   Mexico,
4.   Turkey,
5.   Uganda
(a)   1, 2, 3, 4   
(b)   2, 3, 5
(c)   1, 3, 4
(d)   1, 2, 3, 4, 5

128.   Which of the famous explorer reached Guntanamo Bay Area in Cuba for the first time?
(a)   Amundsen
(b)   Columbus
(c)   Marco Polo
(d)   Megellan

129.   The Term "Ibuki" refers to which one of the following?
(a)   An oldest primitive tribe recently found in Amazon Basin.
(b)   It's the name of the latest Remote sensing satelite from Japan
(c)   It is one of the organisms observed by Charles Darwin which helped in developing his Theory in Galapagos Island.
(d)   It is the name of summer resting place of Masai tribes in Africa

130.   Which of the following country is NOT part of Balkan Peninsula?
(a)   Bulgaria 
(b)   Montenegro 
(c)   Bosnia and Herzegovina
(d)   Moldova
131.   Which of the following statement is true about Horn of Africa?
1.   Socotra islands in the Indian Ocean is the territory of  Somalia
2.   In the Medieval period it is known as "The Land of Berbers"
3.   The highest peak of Horn of Africa lies in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia.
(a)   2 & 3   
(b)   1 & 3
(c)   1 & 2
(d)   1, 2, 3

132.   Which of the following cloud forms "Fog" when it touches the Ground?
(a)   Nimbus   
(b)   Stratus
(c)   Alto       
(d)   Cirrus

(a)   Both A & Rare true & R is the correct explanation of A      
(b)   Both A & R are true but R is NOT the correct explanation of A   
(c)   A is true but R is false
(d)   A is false but R is true

133.   Assertion: The people of Harappa had expertise of canal or channel irrigation.
Reason: The sites in western India have 'nalas' enclosed by dams for storing water.

134.   Assertion: huge glaciers and snow fields are found in the northern slopes of the great Himalayas in India.
Reason: The northern slope was not facing the sun and northern slopes are not steep like that in southern slopes.                     
135.   Assertion: The height of mountain positively affects the form and amount of Orographic rainfall.
Reason: If the mountains are very close to the Sea cost even low height of mountain can be an effective barrier for producing heavy rainfall.

136.   Consider the following
1.   The Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) is an international treaty that prohibits the use of cluster bombs adopted in 2008 in Dublin
2.   Responsibility to Protect principles were first developed in 2001 by the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty established by Canada.
Correct statement
(a)   1 only
(b)   2 only
(c)   Both 1 & 2
(d)   Neither 1 nor 2

137.   Which one of the following is NOT correct regarding the membership of the Legislative Councils?
(a)   1/3 of the total members are elected by electorates consisting of members of local bodies
(b)   1/3 shall be elected from the registered graduates of three years standing living in the State
(c)   1/3 shall be elected by the elected members of the Legislative Assembly of the State from amongst persons who are not members of the Assembly
(d)   1/12 shall be elected from the teacher's constituency

138.   Match:
List I (Provinces of Sri Lanka)   List (Capital)
A.   Central      1. Jaffna   
B.   Eastern      2. Anuradhapura
C.   North Central   3. Trincomalee   
D.   Northern      4. Kandy   
   A   B   C   D
(a)       1   2   3   4
(b)      2   1   3   4
(c)       4   3   2   1
(d)      3   4   2   1

139.   Which one of the following power project is not correctly matched?
(a)   Koldam power project : Himachal Pradesh
(b)   Salakati power project :  Assam
(c)   Kolodyne Project        : Mizoram
(d)   Jindal Super Thermal Power Plant : Jharkhand

140.   Match:    List I (Commission)
A.   National Minorities Commission
B.   National Commission for Scheduled Castes
C.   National Commission for Scheduled Tribes
D.   National Commission for Nomadic, Semi nomadic and Denotified Tribes
List II (Chairperson)
1.   Smt. Urmila Singh
2.   Dr. Buta Singh
3.   Mohamed Shafi Qureshi
4.   Balkrishna Siddharam Renke
5.   Ms. Shantha Sinha
A   B   C   D
(a)       3   2   1   4
(b)       3   2   1   5
(c)       3   2   5   4
(d)       2   4   5   1      

141.   A political party is recognized by the Election Commission only if
1.   It has been engaged in political activity for a continuous period of 5 years
2.   Has returned atleast one member of the Lok Sabha for every 25 members of the House or any fraction of that number elected from that State
3.   Has polled not less than 6 percent of the total number of valid votes polled by all contesting candidates at the general elections
4.   Has contested elections in 4 or more states in 3 consecutive general elections
(a)   1 & 2      
(b)   1, 3, 4      
(c)   1, 2, 3      
(d)   1, 2, 3, 4

142.   Snow line will be at maximum altitude in which of the following region?
(a)   Equator 
(b)   Topics      
(c)   Poles       
(d)   Arctic

143.   Pedra blanca Island which was in dispute was recently settled by ICJ in favour of which of the following country?
(a)   Indonesia
(b)   Canada
(c)   Spain
(d)   Singapore

144.   Which of the following is responsible for the onset of monsoon in India?
(a)   Jet stream   
(b)   Differential heating of land and water
(c)   Shifting of pressure belts 
(d)   Tibetean Plateau & Himalayas in the North
145.   The phenomenon of "October heat" can be experienced in India in which of the following season?
(a)   Winter
(b)   S.W. Monsoon
(c)   N.E. Monsoon
(d)   Summer

146.   Which of the following state in India is having the highest proportion of geographic area under forest?
(a)   Nagaland
(b)   Arunachal Pradesh    
(c)   Sikkim   
(d)   Meghalaya

147.   Right to Education under article 21A was inserted in the Constitution of India by
(a)   Constitution (84th Amendment) Act, 2000
(b)   Constitution (85th Amendment) Act, 2001   
(c)   Constitution (86th Amendment) Act, 2002
(d)   It was original article in the Constitution of India

148.   The freedom to profess, practice and propagate his own religion is subject only to
1.   Restrictions imposed by the State in the interests of public order, morality and health.
2.   Regulation or regulations made by the State relating to any economic, financial, political or other secular activity
3.   Measures for social reform and for throwing open of Hindu religious institutions of a public character to all classes and sections of Hindus.
(a)   1 only      
(b)   2 & 3      
(c)   1, 2, 3      
(d)   1 & 2   

149.   Under the provisions of Fundamental Right, the ownership of which of the following kinds of property is treated as a Fundamental Right to Property even after 44th amendment?
1.   The property owned by the educational institutions up to intermediate level
2.   The landed property owned by a farmer within the ceiling limits
3.   The property owned by minority education institutions
4.   The property owned by minority religious institutions
(a)   2 only       
(b)   1 & 2   
(c)   2 & 3    
(d)   1 & 4

150.   Consider the following
1.   The provisions of Art 15(5) are not applicable to the educational institutions run by religious charitable trust.
2.   The right to establish & administer educational institutions is guarantied to all citizens & to minorities specifically under Article 30
Correct statement
(a)   1 only   
(b)   2 only   
(c)   Both 1 & 2   
(d)   Neither 1nor 2



1.   (b)   2.   (d)   3.   (a)   4.   (a)   5.   (b)   6.   (b)   7.   (b)   8.   (d)   9.   (d)   10.   (b)
11.   (c)   12.   (c)   13.   (b)   14.   (b)   15.   (b)   16.   (b)   17.   (a)   18.   (c)   19.   (a)   20.   (d)
21.   (a)   22.   (a)   23.   (c)   24.   (a)   25.   (a)   26.   (c)   27.   (c)   28.   (c)   29.   (a)   30.   (b)
31.   (c)   32.   (b)   33.   (a)   34.   (b)   35.   (b)   36.   (c)   37.   (b)   38.   (d)   39.   (b)   40.   (d)
41.   (b)   42.   (c)   43.   (d)   44.   (c)   45.   (c)   46.   (a)   47.   (a)   48.   (b)   49.   (a)   50.   (c)
51.   (c)   52.   (d)   53.   (b)   54.   (a)   55.   (d)   56.   (c)   57.   (a)   58.   (a)   59.   (c)   60.   (d)
61.   (a)   62.   (d)   63.   (b)   64.   (c)   65.   (b)   66.   (c)   67.   (c)   68.   (c)   69.   (a)   70.   (a)
71.   (b)   72.   (a)   73.   (a)   74.   (c)   75.   (b)   76.   (c)   77.   (d)   78.   (b)   79.   (c)   80.   (d)
81.   (a)   82.   (a)   83.   (d)   84.   (b)   85.   (c)   86.   (a)   87.   (d)   88.   (c)   89.   (a)   90.   (d)
91.   (d)   92.   (c)   93.   (a)   94.   (b)   95.   (c)   96.   (b)   97.   (a)   98.   (d)   99.   (c)   100.   (b)
101.   (b)   102.   (a)   103.   (d)   104.   (b)   105.   (b)   106.   (a)   107.   (a)   108.   (a)   109.   (d)   110.   (b)
111.   (a)   112.   (c)   113.   (c)   114.   (a)   115.   (b)   116.   (d)   117.   (d)   118.   (a)   119.   (d)   120.   (c)
121.   (b)   122.   (d)   123.   (b)   124.   (b)   125.   (c)   126.   (c)   127.   (d)   128.   (b)   129.   (b)   130.   (d)
131.   (a)   132.   (b)   133.   (d)   134.   (a)   135.   (b)   136.   (c)   137.   (b)   138.   (c)   139.   (d)   140.   (a)
141.   (c)   142.   (a)   143.   (a)   144.   (b)   145.   (c)   146.   (a)   147.   (c)   148.   (c)   149.   (c)   150.   (b)