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Golden chance to get IAS

Started by ganeshbala, May 07, 2009, 08:42 AM

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Golden chance to get IAS

The Kerala State Civil Service Academy (KSCSA) offers a golden opportunity to bright candidates to fulfil their Civil Service aspirations, and the city is once again emerging as a leading centre for civil service coaching in the State. "I owe a lot to the KSCSA  for my success in the exams,'' attests Mithra T., 10th rank holder and State topper in this year's civil service exam.

There are many others in the last four years who will also attribute their success to the Academy, a coaching centre run by the Government of Kerala under the Centre for Continuing Education.

At a time when private coaching centres are becoming popular, this government-run institution is making the State proud. Nineteen candidates, including the top three rank holders from Kerala, have cleared the civil service exam this year from this Centre. Seven of these 19 candidates are from Thiruvananthapuram.

Kerala had a strong representation in Civil Service till a few years ago, but not so now, say the Centre authorities. KSCSA is trying to get the State back to its old glory in the service by providing adequate guidance and orientation. Started in 2005, it has over 56 students in service till now and the figures are on the rise with each passing year.