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Started by rajoe, May 04, 2009, 10:09 AM

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Here is a neat way to print your images with soft edges

1. FILE>OPEN Select the photo file you want to print

2. On the keyboard press the "D" key. (This sets the background to white! If you would rather have the background go to black simply press the "X" key on the key board after you press the "D" key!)

3. Go to the tool bar on the left hand side of the page and at the top left side of the tool bar you will see the Marquee tool. (It looks like a dotted square). Notice the little arrow in the lower right corner. Using the mouse, place the pointer over the Marquee tool and hold down the left mouse button (Mac:mouse button). Here you will see the other selection tools that are available to you. Select the elliptical tool by moving the arrow with the mouse over it and left CLICK the mouse buton.

4. On your photo, using the mouse again, move the arrow (which changes to a small +) into the photo to the lower right part of the photo. Then holding down the mouse button, move the mouse to the upper left and you will see the oval with the marching ants. Odds are that you will not have the oval placed where you want it the first time. No problem!

5. Using the mouse, move the arrow INSIDE the ellipse or circle where it changes to an arrow and small square and by holding down the button on the mouse, you will be able to move the ellipse around to where you want it. (If the size of the ellipse is not what you want, move the "+" with the mouse outside the ellipse and CLICK the mouse button. Then make your ellipse again to the size you want.)

6. Once you have it where you want it, your screen should show the photo subject surrounded by the marching ants.

7. Now go to the top of the page and point the arrow using the mouse to SELECT. CLICK on left mouse button (Mac:mouse button). Scroll down under SELECT with the mouse and the arrow until you see FEATHER. (It will turn Blue when you point to it!) Then CLICK the mouse button.

8. You will see a dialog box marked Feather Radius. Type in 20 in the box. (In the future you can experiment using different numbers but we find 15-20 generally works best!) Click OK.

9. Go back to the top of the screen and locate SELECT again.

10. Scroll down under SELECT until you see INVERSE. Then CLICK on INVERSE with the mouse button.

11. Now you will see marching ants on the outside of the photo as well as the ellipse inside it.

12. On the keyboard locate the "Backspace" key and press it once.

13. Next hold down the "Ctrl" key (Mac:) on the key board in the lower left corner of the keyboard and then press down the "D" key. (This will remove the marching ants from your picture and give you the soft edges!)

14. Now your photo should have nice edges ready for printing.