This 7-year old made 157 Crore from YouTube videos 2018

Started by Sudhakar, Dec 08, 2018, 08:30 AM

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This 7-year old made 157 Crores of money by creating YouTube videos from 2015 till 2018

$22 million - USD to INR = 2,20,00,000 United States Dollar equals = 1,57,02,50,000.00 Indian Rupee

Ryan, a 7-year old YouTuber from Atlanta has become the highest earning YouTube star in 2018. This incredible YouTube content creator has made $22 million by publishing YouTube videos of him playing with toys.

Ryan ToysReview, is the YouTube channel hosted by this young YouTube influencer and has nearly 17 million subscribers and approximately 26 billion views on his videos. According to Forbes magazine., the channel reported highest earnings last year as well. There are also merchandise with Ryan?s face on it at many retailers including popular stores like Target, Kohl?s, and Walmart.

Well believe it or not, Ryan?s YouTube channel is all about Toys reviews. He features in videos of unboxing a toy and playing with it. He plays with everything from dinosaurs and Legos to Disney action figures. It is the sheer brilliance of Ryan?s acting that has helped the YouTube channel become popular.


Ryan and his parents started the channel back in 2015 when he was just 4 years old. There is a new video published on the channel almost every day. According to a report by Verge, Ryan?s mother quit her job as a high-school chemistry teacher to focus on his YouTube channel. The channel started gaining popularity within four months of its launch.

According to Ryan?s mother, her son was watching a lot of toy review channels, which gave her an idea to start a channel of his own on YouTube. Some of his favorite channels include EvanTubeHD, and Hulyan Maya.

Most of the YouTubers make large portion of their revenue from sponsored posts. According to Forbes, which compiled the list, the top 10 YouTube stars of 2018 together amassed earnings (June 2017 ? June 2018 and earnings are pretax) of $180.5 million



I made this post 1.5 years back by December 2018.

Ryan's world strength was this - 17 million subscribers and approximately 26 billion views / $22 million or 157 crore revenue via YouTube alone in 2018.

2020 YouTube strictly said no money making for kids channels. So every kids in now becoming adults slowly and everyone are in YouTube during this pandemic from US to Tamil Nadu. Now google cannot use only ad free versions of YouTube since there majority of revenue is from YouTube ads unlike it was Adwords revenue from search results. So they became google to alphabet to focus of ai to ml and several other vertices to solar, wind, power etc.

Ryan's world strength is 26.3M subscribers 41,008,756,994 views in 5 years since - Mar 17, 2015 his parents tried YouTube ( or ) 41 billion views  and 1783 videos as off today 16 August 2020.

 :acumen Ryan's world official YouTube channel -  :acumen




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