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Started by aruljothi, Apr 11, 2009, 07:04 PM

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Grid has attracted great attention of researchers during the past years. With its developing, it has coped with an increasing amount of complicated data and huge heterogeneous databases. So it is indispensable to develop a middleware that could access and integrate heterogeneous databases. Therefore, we propose a new fundamental architecture of the heterogeneous database access and integration in grid, called CGSP-DAI, which is based on the ChinaGrid Support Platform project. In this paper, we present a virtual table mechanism to access and integrate all kinds of heterogeneous, distributed and complex database resources. It also provides uniform webservice-based interfaces, which can help users to share, query and use resources conveniently. Moreover, it is the most important that it provides distributed join query span the heterogeneous database resources. Finally, this paper shows the experiment to evaluate the performance of CGSP-DAI, and proves the availability and efficiency of CGSP-DAI on database access and integration.