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What happens if 1 rupee = 45 dollars!

Started by dhilipkumar, Feb 16, 2009, 07:51 PM

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What happens if 1 rupee = 45 dollars!

.............. ......... ....

Scene 1

Venue: Microsoft Corporation, New York, US. Some s/w engineers are
Seeing some photographs.

s/w engg 1 : What's that?

s/w engg 2 : Bob's photographs from India .

s/w engg 1 : Wow. Let me see. Which is this place?

s/w engg 3 : (Sees the photo) This is ITPL, Bangalore.

s/w engg 1 : Fundoo yaar! And what is this? He got Bajaj Pulsar also.

s/w engg 2 : Let me see (sees). This guy enjoyng life maan...

s/w engg 3 : You know how much an Bajaj Pulsar costs?

Nearly 60K.....

Say it in dollars... (60000*45 = 27,00,000 dollars)

s/w engg 2: Oops. We can't dream of such a thing here.

s/w engg 1 : Let's go to India & try for a job.

[Everybody excited.]

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- -------


Venue: Sun Microsystems, SanFrancisco , California, US

s/w engg 1: I'm with you man. My Visa is expected anytime. Soon I will

fly to India

s/w engg 2: Ohhh.... When is the party?

s/w engg 1: When I get it on hand.

s/w engg 2: Where will you be working?

s/w engg 1 : I'll be working in Electronic City.

s/w engg 2 : Oh! Electronic City. Great yaar. where it is...

s/w engg 1 : It is in Bangalore.

s/w engg 3 : Fundoo place yaar. Nice climate Not like California.

You'll love the weather yaar. One of my friends is in Koramangala...

He says it's the ultimate place to live in Bangalore. Cool maan.

s/w engg 2 : Who is the client yaar?

s/w engg 1: You know Municipality Corporation of Bangalore ?

s/w engg 3 : Yeah. MCB. One of my friends is there in

the Road Cleaning Division. Most challenging job yaar. People are

working in the cutting edge of technology there.

s/w engg 1 : I'll be writing software for the accounts department of

the GCU.

s/w engg 2: GCU? what it means...?

s/w engg 1 : that is Garbage Collecting Unit.

s/w engg 3 : : Great yaar. That's what I like about

that country. You can get a job which requires all your skill. Not like

here. See I'm writing software for the space shuttle remote control.

I hate this.

s/w engg 1 : Don't worry guys. I'll give you my

Hotmail id. You can send your resume to me and I'll forward it to the


[Everybody takes down his Hotmail id.]

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- -------


Venue: IBM, New York, US

(Conversation between a Male s/w engg. and Female s/w engg.)

Male : Hi!

Female: Hi. You know. I'm planning to settle in India soon.

Male : What??

Female : Yeah. My marriage will be here in America only. He is doing

his Ph.D in J.N.T.U and he's coming here for a month. His study

will be over in 2 months. He's already got a job in MSCB. We planned to

settle in Hyd itself... I'm also planning to work there. Let's see...

Male: Good luck... dont forget us & US...

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- -------


Venue: Intel Corp. US

s/w engg 1: Great news guys. Our George has got

admission in the IGNOU with scholarship for B.A History. A

great new field yaar...

All are excited...

George : Got my Visa yesterday. It's all finalized now.

s/w engg 2 : Congrats yaar. So you are out of this country.

s/w engg 1 : B.A in Histroy...ohh., enjoy your life there!!

s/w engg 2 :Got full aid, eh?

George : Yeah. Got the UGC scholarship That will be 1200 Rupees / year.

s/w engg 1 : Great. Enjoy.

s/w engg 2 : (Thinking loud): 1200 Indian Rupees...!

that means 1200 * 45 = 54000 Dollars... with that amount I can buy an

three bed-room flat & a Mercedes here...!!!

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -


A foreigner working in Hyderabad as Software Engg gets

a call from his Home ..

Father : What are you doing son ?

S/w Eng : Having breakfast ?

Father : what are you eating ?

S/w Eng: Coconut Sauce and Rice Cake i.e., (Idli and Chutney)
Thatz,,, Lifeeeeee


Hi Dhilip i spent my time meaningful over your post.

This is one of the great assumption .

Hope this may not happen, Since US is an Developed and In India we are planning to get developed by 2030 .

Great imagination by Great Indian's.



If it will happened then the other country of the world will brow us on that condition on which we brow today it will done one day . 


Great man, if everybody keeps on tring nothing is impossible, everything could be reality


It will be great if 1 rupee equals to 45 dollars.
Vijay  Maliya will become the king of the world soon. :)


Thanks for sharing,  :agreeI like scene no.5 most in which foreigner work in India and having idli and chutney as breakfast.

John Alfred


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