Now IT Acumens / Gmail in Offline Access with Lot of features -Start to Taste!!!

Started by Kalyan, Jan 31, 2009, 03:27 PM

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Now IT Acumens / Gmail in Offline Access with Lot of features -Start to Taste!!!

The folks at Gmail / IT Acumens Labs have been busy and they're now dishing out offline access to Gmail / IT Acumens.

On enabling offline access, Gmail / IT Acumens will load in your browser even if you don't have an Internet connection. You can read messages, star, label and archive them, compose new mail and messages ready to be sent will wait in your Outbox until you're online again.

It's built on the Gears platform, which has already been used to offline-enable Google Docs, Google Reader, and other third-party web applications

To get started with offline Gmail / IT Acumens Mail -

- Sign in to Gmail / IT Acumens  Mail and click 'Settings'.


- Click the 'Labs' tab and select 'Enable' next to 'Offline Gmail / IT Acumens'.

- Click 'Save Changes.'[/b][/color]


- In the upper right-hand corner of your account, next to your user name, there will be a new 'Offline' link. Click this link to start the offline synchronization process.

Standard Edition users can follow these instructions immediately, while Premier and Education Edition users will first need their domain admins to enable Gmail  / IT Acumens Labs from the Google Apps admin control panel.

IT ACUMENS Mail engineers come up with new ideas all the time. IT ACUMENS Mail Labs is our place to try them out and get your feedback. None of these features are really ready for prime time yet, so they may change, break or disappear at any time. Learn more about IT ACUMENS Mail Labs  :acumen

Important Notes Before using our Services

* Once you enable the offline Access in labs, then refresh your inbox.

* You have an option to view the Offline in the right top of the mail

Reference Shots:


* Then, click the offline button, one pop up will come and  shows you to install the offline Access for IT Acumens Mail.

Reference shots:

* Now, You need to install Gears to use Offline mail for


System Requirements :  # Windows XP/Vista

                                    # Firefox 1.5+ and Internet Explorer 6.0+

* if you accept the free license to install one pop up will enable for you to save the file in your desktop / laptop.

Reference shots:


Reference shots:


* The Size will not exceed more than 500 Kb..

Reference shots:


* Once the file is downloaded, go to the location that your file has been saved.

* Install the Setup that you have downloaded then it will take couple of mins to install in your PC.

* once the installation is made, it asks you to restart you browser..


Kindly, check the replies to this post to know about more features and Faqs


If you have any problem to download the file :

Please follow these steps :

* Go the settings and click the labs tab

* then enable the offline check box and refresh your mail box.

* instead of install from there, we are here provide the setup to download in your desktop.

Click Here to Download the IT Acumens Mail Offline Setup Software

Then, please go a head and enjoy the IT Acumens New offline Services in your Mail Box.

If you want  IT Acumens Mail ID to access all the features : send your desired user name to

we will process your request and get back you with ID and Temp Password. we are ad viced to change your temp password as permanent for

securing your mails.

Check out the More additional features in the Following Replies..

Be a  :acumen


Hi kalyan..

Good features.. i will install,use and send you the comments..

Thanks for the Information



Gmail tests feature to enable offline access

KOCHI: Google is adding a new dimension of convenience to its popular Gmail service by making it possible for account-holders to access their email even when they are not connected to the Internet.

This new feature is being tried out among select users, to start with. "We're making offline Gmail available to everyone who uses Gmail in U.S. or U.K. English over the next couple of days, so if you don't see it under the Labs tab yet, it should be there soon," said Gmail engineer Andy Palay, in a recent blog entry announcing the launch of the feature. (U.S. or U.K. English is among the language settings available to users and 'Labs' is an option where new features are made available to users for testing).

If the offline feature is turned on in the mail settings, Gmail will automatically download the user's mail locally to his or her computer's hard drive and keep it synchronised with the content that is stored on Gmail's servers.

Even when users go offline, they will still be able to read the mail in their inbox and even reply to messages or compose new mail, though these will be actually sent only when they go online again. They will also be able to do offline, most of the mail operations that they would online, like labelling messages and tagging them with a star. Gmail automatically downloads software that facilitates this process of synchronisation, called Gears, and installs it on the user's computer. But the downloading of Gears, which is technically a browser extension that is associated with some of Google's other services, will be skipped if it has been downloaded and installed earlier.

So how do you find out if Gmail has already provided this feature for your mail account? Login to your account, click settings and then click the 'Labs' tab there (if it is available). If you find the 'Offline Gmail' feature there then you can go ahead and try it out by selecting 'enable' and clicking the 'save changes' button. But first, check if your browser supports this feature. Right now it is available for Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2 and Firefox 3, which covers a large part of the browser world.

Support for other browsers is coming soon, promises Gmail. When this correspondent enabled the feature and reloaded the browser, a new "Offline0.1" link appeared on the upper righthand corner of the screen, next to the username. The setup process began as soon as this link was clicked. Then, the setup window displayed a message stating that mail up to two years old would only be downloaded (based on the mail volume) and then went on to offer shortcut options, enabling the launch of the offline mode from the desktop, start menu and quick launch bar of the computer. The mail could then be accessed locally with a click or two, just like any computer programme.

However, composing messages with attachments is not possible when the user is offline. There is also a "flaky connection mode" that helps when the Internet connection is unreliable or slow. The user can also control the synchronisation feature, for instance, by pausing it for an hour. The option of disabling the online synchronisation process is also available.

The offline feature does indicate the volume of mail being downloaded in terms of the number of messages and also the date range -- for example, "If you disconnect now you will have access to mail back to 12 January 2009" -- which means that a user can decide to store old mail up to a particular date. Gmail says it is "still an early experimental feature, so don't be surprised if you run into some kinks that haven't been completely ironed out yet."

courtesy : The Hindu.
Thanks and Regards
- Nithya Subramanian
Kenvivo Communications

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