Another Mile Stone in IT Acumens - We reached 70,000 Posts Today!!!

Started by Kalyan, Jan 30, 2009, 01:59 PM

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Hi Dear Acumens,   :educated

Thanks for making this Record Happen.  :agree

Our team hearty congrats to all Acumens :acumen  to Reach this target.

This is one of the Milestone, but yet to reach more.

We have reached 70,000 post as on Today ( 30th Jan 2009 ). Its done by Acumens(YoU).

Our Membership is around 7,772 - Last member is Pooja_1983.

Thank you Members for Sharing your Knowledge with Our Forum.

Hope all this information's will help all Students/Youths of Future INDIA.

Since we have reached Our target, We would like to help Our Members.

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Geart feel to see this ....

Im so proud be an Acumen... :acumen :acumen :acumen

I feel Good to be the part of this forum....:agree :agree

Keep surf on Itacumens get the information

Share your knowledge....

And im glad i will the part of the next Mile stone in ITAcumens........

I wish u all who   participated in ITacumens to make this achievement....



[font=comic sans ms]hey its nice to hear that we have reached 70,000 post,
Credits goes to all Staff members & Guest to visit IT Acumens site and posting the updates daily



Congratulations To All Acumens, Without Acumens We Can't Reach This Mile Stone....

Keep Rocking.....

:acumen :acumen :acumen


We have to cross more,

We are on the Right Way.

Help and Server others should be our Motto.

Thanks for Crossing this huge figure of 70,000 . Hope to cross a Lakh and above soon.
A.SK in short


Such a Cool Information.

We have crossed many barrier to have a massive information around everyone.  8)

Our Server Load increasing day by day , in which sometime its get busted out.  :(

Wish to have a Lakh  and above post soon. 

If we have to be on Big-Boards, we need to have a minimum of 5 Lakh Post / Say 5 Lakh Information.  :confused

:acumen Good Going Acumens.

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