Questions to ask during an Interview

Started by nithyasubramanian, Jan 14, 2009, 10:10 PM

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Questions to ask during an Interview

It is always good to do some research about the company and the job position to which you are applying to you. A thorough research should be involved which will answer points on the project and the job position. Questions will be based on the requirements of the company. Try to view frequently asked general questions and technical questions based on the job position you are going to apply.

Interviewers expect you to ask questions and it is always a good practice to ask questions. There is no better person than the interviewer to clear your doubts on the company and the job position.

Make sure that you get clear insight about the company needs and expectations from you, salary, company products, performance, promotions, etc. Don't ask questions for the sake of asking them instead make a thorough research for the doubts or questions you have. If they are not resolved then ask the interviewer.

These are some of the questions to ask to the interviewer: -
1) Can you describe the work environment in your organization ?

2) To what extent do you describe and support the philosophy of your organization?

3) How soon would you fill this position?

4)   What are the chances of my interview becoming success when compared to other candidates?

5)   In what ways can I improve to do a much better interview the next time?

6)   How do you rate my skills compared with others whom you have interviewed?

7)   What are the verticals in your company?

8)   Within how many years one can get a promotion?

9)   What are the projects your company has currently? Which project I might handle?

10)    Is there any thing you would like to know from me about my skills or ability?

Please do remember that some of the questions are intended for highly experienced candidates. Make a note of all the questions which are relevant to you and your experience or to your level of employment position. Never provoke the HR interviewer because it can have drastic consequences in some cases it might also be recorded as over aggressive behavior.

11)    Can you explain me about the day to day responsibilities which I would handle?

12)    What are the benefits which I will be getting from your organization?

13)    How many people I will be working with in a team?

14)    Can you tell me about the people with whom I will be working in a team?

15)    What would be the most probable assignment I would take up?

16)    Will the company sponsor for higher studies for career advancement?

17)    Is there any dress code present in the company?

18)    Can you tell me about the holidays and allowances?

19)    Can you please tell me about the equal opportunity and diversity and the company`s commitment to this?

20)    How will the subordinates address superiors?
The above questions are formal ones and they give you a knowledge about the company, its working environment, staff and assignments you would be given. To some of these questions you may not receive a reply because of trade agreements, confidentiality, etc.

21)    Do you have any advice for someone in this job position?

22)    Are there any other job positions present in the company to which a possible transfer can be obtained?

23)    How will I be intimated if I pass through the interview?

24)    What possible responsibilities can I get in the management cadre?

These are some of the questions you can ask to the interviewer. Always maintain a positive tone and don't forget you may be questioned during the process also. Ask them about the
1)    Projects they have.
2)    Whether the company is in healthy position.
3)    Guarantee of employment (try maintaining a positive tone because it can give them a hint that you want greener pastures and not the work in general).
4)    Benefits
5)   Holidays and the time to put on work
6)   Global and local tours.

Make sure that you ask them after the interview.

If you want to know the status of your interview you can always ask him. Many HR employees do not divulge the details before the interview they always divulge it after the interview. You can frame your question in this manner
1)   What is the outcome of the interview do I have enough chances?
If they don't reply and say that they need to interview then you can post a question which is: -
2)   What if I am the only candidate for this job will have any chances?

If they hesitate in answering this question then pack yourself for another interview session.
Remember never ever feel you are in control of the situation it can be changed drastically.
Thanks and Regards
- Nithya Subramanian
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