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Started by Sudhakar, Jan 13, 2009, 05:29 AM

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Here goes an Wide Opportunity for all Acumens to earn from Our IT Acumens Community.

You Share Information's with Us and We will Share Our Revenue to You as Honour.

You Post - You Get Cash ?  :confused

Planned by Staff Team and Management to offer ,

25 New Topics = 25 * 0.50 paise per topic = Rs. 12.50 / Day

50 New Topics = 50 * 0.75 paise per Topic = Rs. 37.50 / Day

100 New Topics = 100 * 1 Rupee per Topic = Rs.100 / Day


25 New Referrals = 25 * 0.50 paise per referral = Rs. 12.50 / Month

50 New Referrals = 50 * 0.75 paise per referral = Rs. 37.50 / Month

100 New Referrals = 100 * 1 Rupee per Referral = Rs. 100 / Month


How does this work?

1) Create a thread/topic on exact board, then a description inside, along with any some additional Information's and post it.

2) BE OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS! After you've posted your links, other members are also allowed to provide feedback on your board, and you are encouraged to provide feedback for forums you've posted to.

3) Look for other Boards you may be interested in offering a few posts to.

4) Offer tips and suggestions to forums you may look at while you're here.

5) If someone has posted to your forum, you should return the favor and post to theirs.


1)Try to post in board you are really interested in, and don't just post 1 or 2 word posts, give a meaningful post if possible. More than likely if you've posted in a board you have interest in, there's a better chance to others who will have an interest in yours... maybe.

2)Login everyday for reqular updates.

3) Use both these buttons whcih you found on top of the forum, Show unread posts since last visit / Show new replies to your posts.

4) Concentrate on Good Topic and not on money.

5) Follow proper formatting, Adding min 4 Tags, Subject etc to avoid moderation on each post you made.

FAQ will be updated Soon ...


Hi The_Big_s,

Thanks For This Options, I will Try To Utilize This...

Ur Price List Plan, Very Perfect...



Good Morning...

Thanks for implementing the new concept to step up our discussion board..Hope, all Acumens come under this process and get more beneficial.


Hi The_Big_s,

  Thanks for the attractive options..

  Hope  everybody will get benefited by this options


Hi Big_S

Excellent opportunity for the Acumens

Especially for the Students and Freshers to earn and learn and share their Knowledge....

And Please update the FAQ soon !!!




yeah...Its really a good Chance and anoppurtunity for acumens.........
:agree :acumen


Good plan, but we need more  money, Atleast flat 1 Rupiee


[font=andale mono]Its a good offer for all Acumens

this is not only to earn the money also share the knowledge

we can visit more than 50 site to complete 100 post.....

this ll more useful to the all forum users.....



  Its all a nice plan only...but it is gonna be one year since i joined it acumens...but did nt even know hw much i earned for 2392 posts so far...didnt even get a single rupee...pl help.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks and Regards
- Nithya Subramanian
Kenvivo Communications


Dear Acumen,

Thanks for Your Presence.

We are providing the Topup s and gifts in this following Board,

Kindly Check out and Request for your Gift.


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