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Started by ganeshbala, Nov 06, 2008, 03:19 PM

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Alcatel Network Systems Ltd.
Call Processing, V5.2, TMN-based SONET NMS

AVL India Software Pvt Ltd
Client-server/business App, Internet based application, realtime systems/embedded, software re-engineering eServices Pvt Ltd
Outsourced email helhdesk services, eCRM consulting & Solutions, outsourced chat helhdesk
services, knowledge management

Differential Technologies Pvt Ltd
Web enabled Services, Dot Com incubation Services, Web based corporate solution

Freemarkets Services (P) Ltd
Develop & maintain software applications, Research & knowledge management, Develop software Solutions

GE Capital Services India
Back Office Operations, Call Centre, Data Processing, Revenue Accounting, CBT/WBT Content

Interglobe Technologies Pvt Ltd
Software Development, IT Enabled Services, Website development & Maintenance

Powersolv India Pvt. Ltd.
Web enabling solutions, CRM, RDBMS, Re- Engineering, Middleware application

iDLX Technology Partners Pvt. Ltd.
Banking, IT Enabled Services 

Neptune Information Solutions Ltd.
Client Server based business applications on Oracle, Groupware Solutions on Notes Domino, Architecture independent environment on uniface, E-commerce applications on Java and Domino

SDRC India Pvt. Ltd.
CAD / CAM / CAE, PDM - Product Data Management, Reverse engineering, Quality Testing and Inspection, Consultancy & Services

Selectronic Equipment Services Pvt. Ltd.
Medical transcription, Data Processing

Xerox Modicorp Ltd.
Business Process Re-engineering, SAP Implementation, Year 2000 Solutions, Workflow Management, Web based applications, Printing Systems Software

Parsec Technologies (India) Ltd.
Call Center Solutions, OffShore Call Center Services, Consultation, Voice Mail, Prepaid Calling Card Solutions and Mars CT Server



Pasco Info-Tech
Back office operations, Call centres

Planet PCI Infotech Limited
Customised Software Development, Maintenance and Modifications to existing programs, Conversion of applications involving changes of OS, Language, RDBMS, Data Entry and OCR

Quadrant Infotech (India) Private Ltd
Data entry of text and numeric data (accuracy>99.995%), Data entry from images and handwritten forms, Rapid turn around keying projects (12-24 hours), Offshore email processing

Rebus Software Pvt Ltd
Insurance Sector Software, Electronic Business, Knowledge Management, Human Resources

Silicon Graphics Systems (I) Ltd.
Networking, Internet/Intranet, Animation, Systems Integration, multimedia

Usha Martin Infotech Ltd
Software solutions provider, E-business, Telecom OSS products, Software products

Venire India Limited
E-Commerce Solutions, Digitization, Interactive Web Based solutions, Animation / Graphics

RICO Softech Ltd
CAD/CAM/CAE, Projects, services & training, software development, product development, consultancy services


Hello !
I am also a new member. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guy !

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Rashmi Jha

Wants to find a job Pls help me if you can

shashikant singh

Quote from: Rashmi Jha on Sep 15, 2011, 11:11 AM
Wants to find a job Pls help me if you can
i want to job in it sector  desktop support enginer