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Ur First Month Salary.

Started by manimarank, Oct 18, 2008, 05:44 PM

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 wat will/did u do/done when ur first month salary is at ur hands??

give/given to parents
enjoy/enjoyed with friends
share/shared with beloved
donate/donated to poor
keep/kept urself
deposit/deposited in temple
give/given fund to cmpy


hi acumens,

V like to know wat did u done r going to do, ur first month's salary...that cant be forgettable at all bcoz that's one of ur pleasent unforgettable happening/moment/ ur life.
so share with Us.And
:acumen Everyone can is ur rights & freedom. :agree

thanks 4 sharing. 


I have Just Given My salary Cover  to my parents...

And i will ask the money whenever i needed it ..... :yes



hi bala,

  u r great!!!!.oh u saying u were giving every month salary thats good, ur parents r blessed.

thanks for sharing.


:agree with Bala.

I had given my first month salary to my parents...... and then get the money whatever i needed.

If you do like this, you would see the happiness of your parents in their face and also some tears in their eyes......  (anandha kanneer)....

I experienced.....   ;)
Thanks & Regards,
Sathish Kumar   

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.


first option :) i gave it to my parents :)
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@ manimarank : Thanks a lot Acumen, Your post is Really Meaning full.

@ ganehsbala : You will have a lovable life toward public as well as you dear family.

@ gsathish86 : Tell us help all our Acumen, and find whether all realizes the same.

@ expertsarena : You are really great.

Thanks a lot for all Acumen to have a wonderful moment with there family.  :acumen


MY first month salary was 3K.. as I joined only on 20th of the month.. it was 10 days salary....... i gave my ATM card to my mom and asked her Rs.100 for temple....  actually we got a wrist watch  in that amount to my mom........

cud never forget that day.................... :yes


hi its a very nice post...

when i got my first month salary, i was very happy. its a deewali festival.

So I bought sarees, dresses and many sweets for my parents and my brother.


@ indhu.k - Good to Here about ATM's.

@ dhilipkumar - Home on Next Diwali, you will get a bike or Car , may be even a Home. Advance Wishes.


After you step into the society,is it excited to get the first month's salary through your hard working and sweat? Certainly it is.The salary means the evaluation the society gives to you.But when we talk about ours first month's salary,your memories come flooding.So would you like to share how many money did you make in your first working month,and how did you spend?I'm still a student,so i could not share first,but i wanna you share with me.


After years i have checked this topic. Just voted now.

And found everyone said, they will give their first months salary to their parents. Good to hear.  8)

Unluckily i have not got salary in my life to give to my parents though worked & working hard to get my first month salary. but still  :(