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HSBC Scholarships

Started by aruljothi, Sep 02, 2008, 09:46 AM

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The HSBC Scholarships are provided by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. The program has the objective of developing leaders all across the globe, who, the organization expects will contribute significantly to their immediate society.Through the implementation and proper coordination of the HSBC Scholarships, the organization hopes that the beneficiaries will form an elite group which will be committed towards improving the standard of living of the people all round the world.
Eligibility Criteria for the HSBC Scholarships:

One would have to fulfill the following conditions for being eligible for the HSBC Scholarships:

    * Applicants for the scholarship will necessarily have to be Indian citizens residing in India at the time of filing the application
    * Applicants should be below 25 years of age as on the 1st September of the year in which the scholarship has been applied for
    * Applicants for the scholarship can pursue undergraduate and graduate studies in United Kingdom at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge or London.
    * The scholarship is not for students who wish to obtain a Ph.D
    * Candidates applying for the scholarships should be registered in a recognized university.
    * Candidates should possess a good and consistent academic background
    * Candidates who have already taken a scholarship from any other source for pursuing studies in UK are not eligible to apply for the scholarships

Duration of Scholarships:

2 scholarships are given to deserving and academically brilliant students for a period of 3 years

Value of Scholarships :

The financial assistance given under the HSBC Scholarship is for an amount of GBP 25,000 yearly, and takes care of the following expenses of the students

    * Tuition fees for university, which will be paid directly to the university where the student is pursuing the course.
    * Expenses incurred by the student on account of boarding and lodging
    * Expenses incurred by the student for purchase of books
    * Air fare incurred by the student while traveling from India to London

# Application Procedure for Scholarships from HSBC Bank: Applicants will have to submit a write up of about 500 words stating the purpose of their application for the scholarship and their future plans
# Applicants will have to furnish names of 2 persons who are aware of their background, achievements and contribution to society Related Link: