Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain and investments

Started by KeenanCannon, Sep 18, 2023, 07:12 PM

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Hi Everyone,

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular and there has been an exponential increases in many of their values in 2020. The positive attributes of Bitcoin or Ethereum and blockchain technology means the transactions are private and de-centralised which in theory gives the monetary power back to the people, irradiating the corrupt banking system.

However, a cashless society has long been discussed by David Icke and other such researchers and can clearly be used to orchestrate and totally control society.

I would be very interested to hear peoples thoughts as to whether the rise of Bitcoin and other Alt coins could be viewed as a positive, liberating, empowering technology for the people. Or if this is part of an agenda and could be seen in a dangerous or negative technological transition.




Personally I feel they will all crash one day - my gut tells me that the banks will use blockchain for their new digital currency but it will be THEIR digital currency - when this happens they will want to crash all the other ones somehow.

It looks like they are allowing these technologies at the moment because they need the research to create their own one - but why would they allow things which take away their power and control? They will allow it for a time but then they'll be looking to take it out of the game.

Furthermore - they are not currently currencies, they are stocks.

Just my 2 cents for what it's worth.


EDIT - Plus500 has already banned crypto trading on their platform - I got an email from them a month or so ago.

Also - crypto's have been sold under false pretences, the masses seem to believe they are anonymous, when in fact they are the complete opposite of that - they leave a very exact trail that can't be modified or deleted, they are in fact the perfect tool for tracking and tracing.


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