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Started by Sudhakar, Sep 12, 2023, 10:28 PM

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Apple Event 2023 - September 12 2023 ( as wrote on my website ) - live streaming was apple event for 90 minutes and 30 million people have visited in YouTube too

Entire Apple Fans had a their biggest dream come true moment when iCloud+ super storage plans of 6TB and 12TB accounted in this beautiful Apple 2023 event. Starting 18th September 2023 every apple users could take advantage of iCloud+ 6tb storage plans at 2499rs a month approximately or even iCloud+ 12tb storage plans at 4899rs a month approximately instead of their current usage of iCloud+ 2tb storage at 749rs monthly and an additional 200gb from apple one plans in India. So far the maximum Icloud+ storage plans with apple one is 2.2tb till 13th September 2023 in India. Whereas people in US where using maximum of 2tb iCloud+ storage with 2tb apple one storage of totalling 4tb on iCloud storage.

Apple Watch 9 series launched, Priced at 41,900 aluminium to 70,900 steel
Apple Watch Ultra 2 launched, Priced at 84,900 including the wrist band
iphone 15 launched with 6.1 inch, priced at 79,900 rs in India for 128 gb
iPhone 15 plus launched with 6.7 inch, priced at 89,900 rs in India for 128 gb
iPhone 15 Pro launched with 6.1 inch, Titanium finish priced at 1,34,900 for 128gb
iPhone 15 Pro Max launched with 6.7 inch, Titanium finish priced at 1,59,900 for 256gb
iCloud+ 6tb storage launched, could be priced at 2,499rs monthly
iCloud+ 12tb storage launched, could be priced at 4,899r s monthly

After Steve Jobs announced iCloud storage with 5gb free on all iPhone and passed away on 05th October 2011 from us. Finally iCloud made possible on 12 October 2011 for all iPhone users using iPhone 4 and launched iPhone 5 in 2011. Since then Apple was stubborn in not upgrading the storage upto 2tb only. As an apple users since 2009 we need to wait till 2023 to enjoy the iCloud+ 6tb or iCloud+ 12tb storage, its a 12+ year long wait for iCloud+ unified storage without looking out for Amazon clouddrive or even google drive etc. Thanks Apple for making this possible and hearing for all Apple Ecosystem lovers for several years now. - blog link - Photo Gallery


According to Apple, the new plans for iCloud+ are priced at $29.99 per month for 6TB and $59.99 per month for 12TB. They will be available starting Monday, September 18.

Today around 12:30 pm in ist indian tome you could update your iCloud+ from 2tb to iCloud+ 6tb plan


As on my blog post ( )

Apple had always kept at his promised. Icloud+ 6TB is online.

Today around 10:50 pm IST Under manage storage page in iPhone and iMac, could see iCloud+ 6TB storage.

iCloud+ 2TB at 749 rs monthly
iCloud+ 6TB at 2999 rs monthly even though I have guessed at 2499 but its 2999
iCloud+ 12TB at 5900 rs monthly even thought it could be around 4899 but its 5900

Once upgraded, I have added back my spouse from my friend's family plan to my family group. So total usage is 3.4 TB of 6.2 TB available. Thanks to my friend Vel Murugan from sharing his iCloud 2 TB storage for us for last 2 years now from covid.

Now Me and My Spouse could manager my Varsh kids parenting app using screen time together. Which am waiting for more than 2 years now.

Thank you Apple and iCloud team for listening to us. After 12 years of launch 6TB and 12TB is breath taking plans which leads apple the only eco system in the world to have one point solution for Smart Mobile Devices. All at one place and don't look out for storage anymore.

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India is one amount the countries to get country own produced apple iPhones 15 lineup.

At apple bkc Mumbai Indian Apple Store, people waited from 04:00 am on 22nd September 2023 to buy their dream iPhone 15, iPhone 15 plus, iPhone 15 pro and iPhone 15 pro max devices along with Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch ultra 2 today.

More details mentioned on apple India office website newsroom page

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