Indian Students Deported from US | HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED | 14th August 2023

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Youtube details from Balaji and Manisha link covered by Parth Vijayvergiya -

Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Timeline for the whole Experience
02:29 Manisha Intro
02:58 Balaji Intro
03:34 Were deported people on the same flight?
04:17 What happened after getting out of the flight?
04:33 Was the university targeted for deportation?
05:58 Immigration Question Asked (Balaji's Experience)
08:25 Manisha's Experience
11:59 Balaji's Interaction w/ Immigration Officer
14:47 Balaji's Phone was Checked
15:23 Are doing mock interviews for F1 visa illegal?
17:04 Is paying University Fees ahead of time necessary?
18:31 New artcile giving incomplete information
19:45 Hatred from other students
22:22 Manisha's Got Told about Deportation
26:26 Manisha's Pat Down & Holding Room
31:32 Balaji's Pat Down and Lockup Story
34:03 Balaji's Lockup Room
36:19 Timeline for the whole Experience
37:31 Reaching out to Parents
42:07 Escorted to Board the Plane
44:54 Indian Immigration Experience
50:25 Help of Indian Embassy in the US
52:00 US Immigration Reasoning behind Deportation - Official Documentation
53:36 Next Steps
555:24 Additional Legal Documents Signed at US immigration
01:01:24 Help from US University
01:06:18 Other Student Experience
A.SK in short