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Started by KeenanCannon, Jul 28, 2023, 03:17 PM

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last night got to play with a sink drain auger!

problem solved, but an hour on my knees under the kitchen sink didn't get the reaction I was expecting from Wifey (meaning, a big thank you for saving us from hiring the plumber for this same job again)

luckily, last time, the plumber installed a "clean-out" access under the sink, making the job easier

the push button lock on the auger doesn't hold well, so I had to tape it when using it with the drill

afterwards, I discovered we have an additional "clean out" access further down the line, DOH!

I resorted to using some liquid plumber gel after using the auger, because the auger alone didn't do the trick

if I had known about the 2nd "clean-out" access point, I probably wouldn't have needed it, but not entirely sure (because of it's location)

anyway Wifey promises to put less food down the drain & to use more water to flush it all down (we have a garbage disposal in this location)

our family (except me) is so concerned with conserving water, that they don't use enough water when using the sink

I tried to explain (several times) that water (unfortunately) is used to carry waster along in the pipes. and the kitchen sink drain has a very gentle slope before reaching the vertical main house drain. it's practically horizontal!


Will be putting on the final coat of danish oil later this afternoon. There is a stack of real wood flooring through ourhouse !! We have sanded the whole lower ground floor. I reckon not far off 90-100sqm of flooring and maybe this far 6 litres of oil ! Hard going physically with moving furniture out of rooms etc but it does look nice. Gone is the tired yellow/orange surface and it's like a new floor now. Reddish/ brown colours of the wood coming through again.


I've been subletting a property, and I decided it was high time to give the bathroom cabinets a much-needed makeover. Armed with my trusty tools and a ton of excitement, I dove into the project head-on.
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