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Hotel Telegraph, Singapore

Started by KeenanCannon, Jul 24, 2023, 06:44 PM

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Singapore's Sofitel So has been sold and rebranded as Hotel Telegraph in September 2022. It is now part of SLH. I never stayed at the property but the location is really excellent with great dining option nearby and in the business district. Checked some random dates and it was 20K WoH points per night and similar pricing to the Andaz.


This hotel is situated in an 100 year old building which is only 4 stories high, but is in a business area of the city, surrounded by very tall skyscrapers, so essentially almost zero views of anything interesting from the windows in any direction you face. Also I noticed some rooms have balconies but these look directly down onto a huge and very busy 4 lane road, so I can't imagine it being very peaceful or relaxing being on the balcony.

On the plus side there's an enormous hawker centre (food court) just nearby.

It seems way overpriced for what it is.


Even though I haven't had the chance to stay there myself, it sounds fantastic. The location seems top-notch, with awesome dining options nearby and being in the bustling business district. And hey, if you're looking for another luxurious experience, I recently stumbled upon this hotel - it's simply divine! Happy travels, and here's to more unforgettable hotel adventures! 🌟✈️🏨


I appreciate the heads up about Hotel Telegraph in Singapore! It's always exciting to see how hotels evolve and rebrand.


I haven't had the chance to stay there myself, but the location you mentioned does sound fantastic, especially with so many dining options nearby.
I'm also intrigued by the reasonable pricing, similar to the Andaz. If I were planning a trip to Singapore, I'd definitely consider giving it a try. For those interested, it might be a good idea to read some recent guest reviews to get a sense of what to expect during their stay.
Singapore is such a vibrant city with a mix of modernity and tradition. Exploring the business district and nearby attractions would be a treat. Thanks for sharing this information, and if you have any more travel tips or recommendations, feel free to share. And if you ever need suggestions for the best places to live in Dallas Texas , I'm here to help.


The proximity to various attractions and the myriad of amenities offered make it a worthy choice, just like Hotel Telegraph's appeal in Singapore. I wonder how these two would compare in terms of overall guest experience.


Interesting update on Singapore's Sofitel So transitioning into Hotel Telegraph! Rebranding can really shake things up, can't it? Location is a big deal, and being near dining options and the business district is a huge advantage, especially in a bustling place like Singapore. The WoH points and similar pricing to the Andaz make it sound quite competitive.

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