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Started by KeenanCannon, Sep 15, 2023, 08:26 PM

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Question for folks who have traveled far for HT... Looking at folks who did USA to India and or Turkey or that general distance.

So for India, fly in 20 hours for me 1 stop is the best I can make it from my location. Then pre op appt, then surgery next day... then say 2 days  chill rest. Then fly back that same 1 stop 20 hour flight?

Is that nuts 3 days out?  It's 10 hours in the air a couple hour layover then 10 more.

Turkey is appealing becase its just one non stop 10 hour shot. And that seems less daunting to me.

I wish I could stay longer like to day 7, then I'd not fret so much. Just that 20 hours in air post op... I'm 6'3 so flying isn't the most comfortable and sitting and sleeping seems risky. 10 hours I'd just push through but also risky.

So I know folks fly post op and that's not a concern so much but I'm wondering about folks who have experience flying back a couple or few days post on a long haul 10-20 hour flight and their experience with that.



1.20 hours including 1 stop will be exhausting. You should plan it so that on the day you land, and also on the entire day after, you have nothing planned. That allows for you to be fully rested and have your wits about you on the day you have surgery. It also gives you some leeway in case there are any flight delays. I have a 15-hour no-stop flight to India for Eugenix and that is my planned schedule.

I think at least two full days rest post-op is enough to be rested for the fly back.

Also, the best way IMO to get through a long flight is sleeping pills. Watching movies or reading just makes time drag.

2.Next month ill be flying from the US to Belgium for surgery with Dr. Mwamba.

I thinks its a 12 hr journey there (including layover.)

I get in Belgium very early Wednesday morning. Surgery Fri and Sat. Flying home Monday. I believe the flight home will also be 12 hrs including layover.

Im setting my expectations that the whole week regardless ill be feeling off and sleep deprived no matter what i do. It is what it is.

The one thing I may do to assist is see if my primary care doc can prescribe me some valium for the long flights so I can relax. Will make the journey much better.

I suppose i can ask Mwamba as well but not sure if thats something he would do.


I know I'm a bit late to the discussion—this thread is a year old now—but I couldn't resist adding my two cents. I hope your hair transplant journey went well and that you found a comfortable solution for your travel concerns.
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Your concern about flying post-op is totally understandable. I remember flying back from Europe after a long trip using db fahrplan for train schedules. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but with proper rest and precautions, I made it through okay. If Turkey's non-stop option feels less daunting, it might be worth considering for a smoother journey. Listen to your body and take it easy during the flight.