Travel to UK and back- what are the current rules?

Started by KeenanCannon, Oct 25, 2022, 04:04 PM

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Please is there anyone out there who can tell me exactly what the current rules for travel are, as both UK and French govt sites have me confused. We are resident in France. Our daughter is getting married in Cumbria in early December, and we would love to go, but if we've got to order and pay for day 2 and day 8 tests over there, plus tests when we come back to France, we will schedule a visit instead for whenever travel is easier and safer. We are both fully vaccinated. Thanks in advance for any definite information.


There are currently no rules or restrictions on entry into the UK. You are free to travel, explore the country, attend events and experience the culture of the different regions of the UK. I tried to travel even during the peak of the pandemic because travel helps me cope with apathy, stress, and depression. I'm so happy that there are almost no restrictions to traveling around the world. In the near future, my husband and I will go on a cruise trip along the coast of Croatia. At, we booked our tickets. Hopefully, this trip will meet all our expectations.