Breast Augmentation recommendation?

Started by KeenanCannon, Oct 11, 2022, 03:41 PM

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I did my breast augmentation with Dr Shens a few months ago and it was a pleasant experience, I am happy to share my experience here:

What to expect during a consultation:

For those who is seeking a consultation can refer to here:

Currently the latest implants in Singapore market is Motiva, you can read more about Motiva here:

· Combination of both teardrop + round implants, natural look
· Nano textured surface
· Additional blue seal safety on implant shell

The main reason of choosing Dr Shens because he is the first surgeon in Singapore to use Motiva.

3D images
Dr Shens will take measurement of the chest width and recommend the right size of implants. Patients can see their post surgery image on Crisalix.

-Patient can discuss about their desired look and concerns like breast lifting, restore loss of volume, increase 1 or 2 cup sizes

T-shirt fitting
Patients can wear implants sizers and have a rough idea of how they will look after the surgery.
Doctor's incision
It will be under the muscle's incision with a short scar of 2.5cm instead of the usual 4.5cm.

The surgery is approx. 2 hours inclusive of 30mins, nerve block, patient can go home to rest right after the surgery. They can resume their normal activities by the very next day, abstrain from sports for 2 weeks.
Things to take note:
Dressing to keep dry for 2 weeks
Nipple Tapes for at least a monthSoft bra and sport bra is fine

So far I am happy with the results, even my friends say that it look natural :)


Huge thanks for sharing your experience, KeenanCannon!! I'm really grateful to you because I'm about to have a Breast Augmentation Toronto, and I'm very nervous. We all are afraid of uncertainty. That's totally true. I mean, I trust my doctor, but I'm still nervous. Were you nervous, too, KeenanCannon? Anyway, I'm glad that you're happy about your result. It means that your doctor is a real professional for sure. So, I'll be waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance for your help, Keenan!!