Blue Velvet Cupcakes And Finding The Perfect Hue - My Kids Diary

Started by devikad, Feb 12, 2021, 05:39 PM

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Blue Velvet Cupcakes And Finding The Perfect Hue

Everyone has heard of Red Velvet cake, but how about a Blue Velvet? Use this recipe to create a gorgeous colored cake; perfect for a baby boy shower.

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I stumbled upon this captivating article on romantic flowers and their meanings . It got me thinking about finding the perfect hue for my next baking project — Blue Velvet Cupcakes for my kids' diary! I've experimented with different shades of blue in the past, but the quest for the ideal hue continues. Anyone have recommendations for achieving that rich, vibrant blue without going overboard? Also, any tips for incorporating floral elements into the cupcake design? Let's share our experiences and create a collective diary of baking adventures! Looking forward to your insights and suggestions