Education Loan in Bank of Rajasthan

Started by Kalyan, Jul 29, 2008, 11:50 AM

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Education Loan of Bank of Rajasthan

Bank of Rajasthan is a well-known private sector bank in India. It also deals in specialized forex as well as Industrial finance.With 12 regional offices and 463 online branches, it offers several kinds of credit facilities including education loans for higher studies. Education Loan offered by this bank is quite high in amount as compared to that offered by the nationalized banks in India.

Thus, whether you plan to study in India or abroad, you can apply for a high sum of education loan from this bank. If you want to know more about the scheme of Bank of Rajasthan Student Loans, you can go through this page.

Amount of Education Loan of Bank of Rajasthan:

There is a limit to the amount of education loan sanctioned by Bank of Rajasthan.

    * A candidate, planning to study in India can apply for a maximum loan amount of Rs 15 lacs.
    * The amount is Rs 30 lacs for studies in abroad.

Time of processing and essential documents:

It takes about 15 days to complete the proceedings of a loan and you need to submit mark sheets as well as proof of your admission and educational cost to the bank while applying for the loan.

Repayment Facilities:

You can repay Bank of Rajasthan Student Loans within a time period of 3 to 5 years.

For knowing more about the rate of interest and other details of Education Loan of Bank of Rajasthan, you can click on