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Emergency Survival Kit - My Kids Diary

Started by NiveRoshni, Nov 18, 2020, 02:46 PM

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Emergency Survival Kit

If you are gifting a fan of camping, scouting, or simply the outdoors, this emergency survival kit from Xuanlan is a fantastic gift choice. This kit includes the essentials such as a trusty knife, compass, a whistle, paracord, and a bunch more. It comes sealed inside a sturdy waterproof case as well. This one is a super practical gift for 15-year-old boys, that's for sure.

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This kit looks cool, but why is there no flashlight? It's one of the most important things for surviving in the wild or case of a natural disaster. A good flashlight can save your life because it helps you choose the right way, avoid getting caught in traps and scare wild animals off. You can use a flashlight for many things, and you must always have one with you. The one if your phone is not reliable because the phone's battery is small and you will need your phone for other purposes. It's better to have a small but bright tactical flashlight in your kit. It will not occupy too much space, but it's super important.