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7-BIT ASCII Device Control Characters in HTML

Started by sajiv, Jul 23, 2008, 05:26 PM

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7-BIT ASCII Device Control Characters in HTML

ASCII device control characters were originally designed to control hardware devices like teletypes, printers and tape drives.
These characters have nothing to do inside an HTML document:

Number  Name  Description

0    NUL    null character
1    SOH    start of header
2    STX    start of text
3    ETX    end of text
4    EOT    end of transmission
5    ENQ    enquiry
6    ACK    acknowledge
7    BEL    bell (ring)
8    BS    backspace
9    HT    horizontal tab
10    LF    line feed
11    VT    vertical tab
12    FF    form feed
13    CR    carriage return
14    SO    shift out
15    SI    shift in
16    DLE    data link escape
17    DC1    device control 1
18    DC2    device control 2
19    DC3    device control 3
20    DC4    device control 4
21    NAK    negative acknowledge
22    SYN    synchronize
23    ETB    end transmission block
24    CAN    cancel
25    EM    end of medium
26    SUB    substitute
27    ESC    escape
28    FS    file separator
29    GS    group separator
30    RS    record separator
31    US    unit separator
127    DEL    delete (rubout)