Andhra Pradesh government bans online rummy games

Started by devikad, Sep 04, 2020, 09:59 AM

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Andhra Pradesh government bans online rummy games

Complaints have been raised that young people are being misled by gambling games such as rummy and poker played online. In this situation, the state government has imposed a ban on these online Removed games in Andhra Pradesh.

The decision was taken at a state cabinet meeting yesterday chaired by First Minister Jaganmohan Reddy. State Information Technology Minister Venkataramaya said that online gambling games are misleading the youth and ruining their lives. So we have decided to ban these online Removed games as a measure to protect the welfare of the youth.

Violators of online Removeds could face up to a year in prison and a fine for the first time. A second conviction carries a maximum sentence of 2 years in prison and a fine. Similarly, online gambling players could face up to 6 months in prison.

Sources by: Daily Thanthi


Is online gambling still prohibited there? 


Prohibition never works with such kind of stuff. People will still continue gambling, but they just have to hide better and risk more. Such government decisions only seem to protect people from the dangers of addiction, but in reality, they only increase the risks for people who gamble online.
I'm convinced online gambling should be allowed because people need to be allowed to do what they want and like. It's their responsibility whether they to gamble at websites like Ufabet.
Hope the state's government will soon change its strategy and will aim more at addiction prevention directly rather than just punishing.