Secrets Hidden Purposefully in the EPIC History

Started by Kalyan, Nov 01, 2016, 02:03 AM

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Secrets Hidden Purposefully in the EPIC History

1) Ravana was a strict vegetarian, and always against animal sacrifice. So whenever he came to know about yagya, he would go their and destroy yagya, and release the animals which were captured for 'sacrifice in yagya'. But many puranas are telling only the part of he destroyed yagyas. Jain scripts are telling why he destroyed them.

2) 'Ashwamegha yagya' was sending a horse through out the land, if any country didn't receive it ,then the sender(king) would invade them and conquer that country and join it with their kingdom. If any country receives it with flowers, then the sender won't invade them, but they have to pay taxes to the sender every year. This horse would run through out the country and return to the sender. So this was like indirect invasion on all countries.Ravana opposed these kind of atrocities of big kingdoms, so he became the common enemy for many kingdoms.

3) Ravana always won the countries but he never ruled them, he always left the defeated country to its people. He always ruled his native country only.

4) Ravana's wife,his sister,his daughter all were educated women.

5) Ravana,his father,his son, through out his hereditary every male has one wife only.

6) Ravana,and his son never touched drinks.

7) There were medicinal works,music grammer got created by ravana.

8) Ravana was an extra ordinary multi tasking person. In old days multi tasking persons were called as 'Avadhani'. They would exhibit this by doing drawing,simultaneously counting,simultaneously answering questions,etc.Generally the maximum simultaneous tasks , a avadhani can do is 8. But ravana was capable of doing 10 tasks simultaneously. So he was called as 'Dhasamana', means 10 head.Means his one head is equal to 10 heads. Later many persons mistook it as ravana was having 10 separate heads.

9) Ravana gave equal rights to women. So a girl can propose to a male. This is what happened when ravana's sister met rama's brother. Rama,and his brother considered it as inappropriate and cut her nose,ears. This raged Ravana's anger and brought the consequences.

10) Ravana was an expelled student from saints(Saint Agathiyar lineage). The reason was either due to animal sacrificing, or he didn't like to keep quite when some kingdoms ruled in a wrong way. Unfortunately the saints didn't expect this, he was the best student, so they were afraid that if he enter into war path, nobody can stop him. They asked Saint Agathiyar to stop him.

11) Agathiyar challenged him for a musical fight. The bet was Ravana should not come to south india again, He should stay in Sri Lanka. Ravana agreed with it. Agathiyar used Veena made up of wooden materials, But ravana's was made up of metal. Ravana refused to participate, because agathiyar's veena was made up of wood , the dual was not fair, and if Ravana wins people would say that due to veena quality only ravana won. Agathiyar insisted on starting the dual irrespective of the Veena quality. The challenge started smoothly, later Agathiyar used high frequency raagas. Ravana has to play the same in his veena. Due to his metalic veena,that created resonance tore the string out, and ravana lost.

12) Saints advised rama that if he create an army full of warriors, ravana would surely defeat it.Rama created Army of monkeys based on the advise of Saints. Everybody counted on Ravana's 'Not killing animals' character. It worked out. Ravana didn't order his army to attack the monkeys till his death. He also fought against rama , but not against monkeys.

13) Ravana never used Horse,Elephant in his army. Otherwise few elephants are enough to kill so many monkeys.

14) Ravana didn't use chariot which was pulled by horse. Instead he used 'Pushpaka Vimana'(Kind of a helicopter). His son used One chariot which can fly in the air.

15) Based on saints advice rama made all of his weapons from woods alone. Ravana found it unfair to use steel weapons against a person who has only wooden weapons. So he didn't use his sword,metal arrows,metal weapons against rama. He didn't even wear breast plate, because it was made up of metal. Unluckily he was not having any weapon made up of wood.

16) Ravana took Sita, but he never touched her. He never put her into prison. He put her into flowery place. He sent his own daughter to take care of Sita, because one princess to the other. All Ravana expected from rama is a single 'sorry' for his act of cutting his sister's body parts. He was adamant in it, even though many persons told him to leave the matter.

17) After so many centuries Facts became stories,stories became myths,myths became puranas. (Puranas were written by authors. They have to say that winning king was good, and defeated king was bad. Otherwise their head won't be allowed to stay on their neck.)

Chapter 2:

1) Vaishnavas were having a habit of eating non-veg. Because in yagya they put animal body parts into fire. After yagya they eat them. This included beef. This was the scenario before Mahabaratham. Proof: In temples you can see a separate place which would have a big,strong beam in the middle called as 'dhuvajasthambam'. Cow,and other animals would be tied in this, before it got cut. There would be another place where there would be a hip height flat stone place called as 'Balippedam',which is used for sacrificing animals( Now a days this one is used for breaking the coconuts).

This habit got changed later due to various saints teaching.

2) Aadhi shankarar conquered many jains through arguments. The defeated jains,their disciples,family persons,and their relatives converted into Vaishnav.

3) Jains were strict vegetarians. They changed their god in one day. But they could not change there food habits in a single day. They brought vegetarianism into Vaishnava. In the immediate next generation many Vaishnavs started to follow Vegetarianism. Because there ancestors were Converted Jains. Soon all of Vaishnava people started to follow Vegetarianism.

4) Aaadhi Shankarar almost changed 70% of the country into Vaishnava through defeating other religions like saiva,jains,buddhism through arguments. So almost 70% of the country followed the Vaishnav, thereby followed the vegetarianisam introduced by Jains.

5) When later the foreign invaders put the whole country religions into a domain 'Hinduism',they considered the Vegetarianism as 'Hinduism' method.

6) Many saints also opposed beef eating, due to the fact that India is a warm weather country, so beef would create heavy fat,thereby health problems. They put it as a law through religion works.

Chapter 3:

1) After Ravana got defeated, many of his people in south india were not given job due to the fact that ruling party didn't like to get resistance from the nearby kingdom people. They don't like to raise the defeated past kingdom people. They were denied for job for centuries. Further kingdoms followed this. This brought them down to poverty. They became downtrodden people.The job they got mostly was drumming.

2) This drum was made up of cow skin. So, they had to kill the young cows to get it's skin. Later they thought that , the cow meat is going waste, why don't we eat it. Due to poverty , and single cow can give plenty of food in the form of meat to many persons, their diet fully changed into cow. Beef became their common diet. These people later called as ScheduledCaste(SC) people.

Chapter 4:

21st Century India. One news channel broadcasted an event that
"A hindu person beat 5 SC people because they ate beef"


Valmiki Ramayana,Jain Puranas,Koorma Purana,Some other puranas, Research works. I could not remember them properly. Not from any specific book. Don't prefer translations, many authors are translating intentionally in a wrong way, prefer original Sanskrit versions.

Source: Quora

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