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My First !!!!!

Started by Sana, Jun 22, 2015, 08:41 PM

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This is my first post....!!

Trying to pour all my thoughts that never stops in spite of so many hard tries...!!

So here I am to pen down (virtually) all my thoughts and my fantasy that I day dream and dwell all day, without which life would have been really empty...!!

Welcome to a real awesome at times boring world (this one is for self motivation as well)....;)


Just tried to start it formally...;)

Life is a four letter word which makes us feel happy, wonder, fight for, at times hate.We always expect our lives to be picture perfect without any glitch in it...Don't we?
But the fact (so-called fact), life is something from which we always get to learn soooooo much that we don't like some parts of learning which make us feel bad.Though life is a good teacher,it doesn't actually know that insulting someone in public will hurt them so badly and the impact it creates is most of the times negative when insulted.

Oops what was i about to say....???(thinking)   :canadian


Though life is most of the times weird( to me), it has its special moments too, like a sudden downpour on a sunny day, bear hug from our best friend for no reason,a heartfelt laugh ,add whatever that makes us smile.Too much happiness or sorrow is no good, because it is always the pain that helps know how comfort feels and  vice versa.It is always our choice on to decide whether to regret or cherish. So let's take life as it comes with a smile.  Even though it is tough to accept things, let's give it a try.


Imagine a world without money...

Won't that be awesome...:)

OK not always...:-/

"Without money we would all be rich..."

Living a life where money is not at all a part of, will be really cool. As the above statement goes, without money everyone of us will be rich. We would not end up thinking about someone's car, house, dress, to be precise we will not be worried about any of those inanimate things that defines someone's life.

More that matters in life are the "Breath taking moments". As far as I know true love and affection was and will never be measured with the amount of money we spent to get that. Because we never spend money on that. There is so much more that money can never get like our memories that can neither be bought nor stolen from us still it remains precious.Spend an hour with toddlers, they will make us realize that life and living is far more than money, status, house and all life less stuff. They always live in the present and are always busy. They don't think too much about the future.

So no point in always running behind money. Let's live our lives. Just stop for a minute to have a look at the things happening around us(not promised to find only good things), it will be really refreshing. Laugh your head off. Paint whatever comes to your mind, you may find the hidden artist in you. Life is more than money, car and properties. By the time we realize this, it may be too late....

So what are you waiting for, go get started....;).




To those special people.....

Chat Window:

Me: Hi


anybody here??

u thr??????

wat r u doing????

MF( status busy) : hey

was busy with work...


Me: :) :D...nothing at all

just pinged to bug u, since ur status was busy...

MF: ok

This is how we..., ok I irritate that special people in my life...

We call them  "Friends"...

That person who comes to your mind as soon as you read that word....;), whom we never told how much they add meaning to our life......

To be precise... here we go with best friends, whom we know from our childhood....

Calvin n Hobbes.... name says it all..!!

Do u remember Pooh and friends....They are a Pooh, Tigger (it's 't' 'i' 'ga' 'ga' 'e' 'r'), Rabit, Piglet, Kang- roo, Eyeore, Owl and also Christopher Robin.

That one friend who always irritates us...Tom and Jerry, though we feel annoyed we will miss them when they are not around.

Never to forget our Kite Runner Hassan from the book "The Kite Runner" , the best of all fictional (human) friends, irritating donkey and the Puss in Boots without whom Shrek would have found it difficult to marry Princess Fiona.

Never try to define a friend, because the best things in life are not defined, and can never be, because they are to be felt.

There is no rule book for friendship, nothing is pre-defined here, it just happens.

No one can say who and where this special person should always be from. They can be someone whom you traveled for just an hour or two , our sibling, our pets & at times our diary. They are not necessarily from our school or college.

Something or someone whom we are always true to, whom we can always fall back, with whom we wish the time freezes, with whom we laugh for all those stupid jokes, the one who irritates & teases us,who expects nothing, who always know what was I about to say next, with whom most our memories are connected to, with whom life seems really awesome and any place is perfect.Don't miss them, they are hard to find.

This post is to those special people in my life.....Friends!!!




Cricketer - The God

The God retires': Tributes pour in for Sachin Tendulkar, read the headlines NEWS.

I still remember the first cricket match which I watched, when I was in my first grade.

India lost the match, I din't even know the players' names back then.My friend always used tell some player's name and tell he is that player, when we played cricket.I used to wonder what is it with this game that people like it so much that made them take a day off even from work, skip their food.Later I realized that the love for this game has no bounds.All those nail biting last balls, breath taking last runs, that one wicket we always pray for.

I started following cricket because of this one person Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. According to most of us it is him who re-defined cricket. There is a lot that I admire from him as a person few of them are his patience, respect for people & there talent, his love for his fans and there is a lot more. Best of all "Don't let success go to your head" attitude.

Every game has it's own players, trend setters and Sachin is one such player for cricket. Love for a sport is always because of an inspiring player & my love for cricket is always because of you. I love this Time Magazine's quote about Sachin,

"When Sachin Tendulkar travelled to Pakistan to face one of the finest  bowling attacks ever assembled in cricket, Michael Schumacher was yet to  race a F1 car, Lance Armstrong had never been to the Tour de France,  Diego Maradona was still the captain of a world champion Argentina team,  Pete Sampras had never won a Grand Slam. When Tendulkar embarked on a  glorious career taming Imran and company, Roger Federer was a name  unheard of; Lionel Messi was in his nappies, Usain Bolt was an unknown  kid in the Jamaican backwaters. The Berlin Wall was still intact, USSR  was one big, big country, Dr Manmohan Singh was yet to "open" the  Nehruvian economy. It seems while Time was having his toll on every  individual on the face of this planet, he excused one man. Time stands  frozen in front of Sachin Tendulkar. We have had champions, we have had  legends, but we have never had another Sachin Tendulkar and we never  will. "- Time Magazine

Sachin Tendulkar as a person, as a cricketer has his own identity,

"Even if my Grandchildren don't remember the fact that I scored 10,000 runs in one day and test cricket... But they will surely talk about the fact that I was a team-mate with Sachin Tendulkar!"

Rahul Dravid.

"I have seen God, he bats at number 4 for India."
Mathew Hayden

"Nothing bad can happen to us if we're on a plane in India with Sachin Tendulkar on it."
- Hashim Amla, the South African batsman, reassures himself as he boards a flight.

"Sometimes you get so engrossed in watching batsmen like Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar that you lose focus on your job."
- Yaseer Hameed in pakistani newspaper.

"To Sachin, the man we all want to be"
- Andrew Symonds wrote on an aussie t-shirt he autographed specially for Sachin.

"Beneath the helmet, under that unruly curly hair, inside the cranium, there is something we don't know, something beyond scientific measure. Something that allows him to soar, to roam a territory of sport that, forget us, even those who are gifted enough to play alongside him cannot even fathom. When he goes out to bat, people switch on their TV sets and switch off their lives."
- BBC on Sachin

"Tuzhe pata hai tune kiska catch chhoda hai?" (Do you even realize whose catch you've dropped?")
- Wasim Akram to Abdul Razzaq when the latter dropped Sachin's catch in 2003 WC.

Sachin is a genius. I'm a mere mortal.
- Brian Charles Lara

"We did not lose to a team called India...we lost to a man called Sachin."
- Mark Taylor, during the test match in Chennai (1997)

"The more I see of him the more confused I'm getting to which is his best knock."
- M. L. Jaisimha

"The joy he brings to the millions of his countrymen, the grace with which he handles all the adulation and the expectations and his innate humility - all make for a one-in-a-billion individual,"
-  Glen McGrath

"I can be hundred per cent sure that Sachin will not play for a minute longer when he is not enjoying himself. He is still so eager to go out there and play. He will play as long as he feels he can play,"
- Anjali Tendulkar

India me aap PrimeMinister ko ek Baar Katghare me khada kar sakte hain..Par Sachin Tendulkar par Ungli nahi utha Sakte.. "
- Navjot Singh Sidhu on TV

He can play that leg glance with a walking stick also.
- Waqar Younis

'I Will See God When I Die But Till Then I Will See Sachin'
- A banner in Sharjah

Sachin Tendulkar has often reminded me of a veteran army colonel who has many medals on his chest to show how he has conquered bowlers all over the world. I was bowling to Sachin and he hit me for two fours in a row. One from point and the other in between point and gully. That was the last two balls of the over and the over after that we (SA) took a wicket and during the group meeting i told Jonty (Rhodes) to be alert and i know a way to pin Sachin. And i delivered the first ball of my next over and it was a fuller length delevery outside offstump. And i shouted catch. To my astonishment the ball was hit to the cover boundary. Such was the brilliance of Sachin. His reflex time is the best i have ever seen. Its like 1/20th of a sec. To get his wicket better not prepare. Atleast u wont regret if he hits you for boundaries.
- Allan Donald

On a train from Shimla to Delhi, there was a halt in one of the stations. The train stopped by for few minutes as usual. Sachin was nearing century, batting on 98. The passengers, railway officials, everyone on the train waited for Sachin to complete the century. This Genius can stop time in India!!
- Peter Rebouck - Aussie journalist

"Sachin cannot cheat. He is to cricket what (Mahatma) Gandhiji was to politics. It's clear discrimination. "
- NKP Salve, former Union Minister when Sachin was accused of ball tempering

There are 2 kind of batsmen in the world. One Sachin Tendulkar. Two all the others.
- Andy Flower

Dear Sachin,
I don't know your match records by heart , but My love for Cricket started with you and will end with you.I don't think i'll ever watch a match after you retire.



Will Miss You..


To the first love of our life...Dad


That one person who taught us what love ♥ actually means.

That one person who loves us unconditionally.

That one person who forgives all our mistakes.

That one person whom we always dependent on.

That one person who is so proud of all the small achievements in our life.

That one person who is, was and always will be our Hero.

That first guy friend of us.

That one person in whose arms we always felt safe.

That one person whose words will comfort us, when things were going bad.

That one person who stood by all the worst times and never asked for appreciation.

That first love of our life......

We owe you so much for all the love that you showered on us, all your sacrifices and for everything we have in our life.

All the good times that we shared and we are going to share talking, laughing and having fun will always will be treasured.

We will never be able to pay you back for all that you have given us. We always need your shoulders to lean on so stay strong and healthy always... ;)

You are always unique and always the best...

Happy Birthday Appa!!!!

We love you so much....♥♥♥



Your Daughters..♥♥♥


Angle vs Daemon....

It is was a busy evening, Traffic jams all over. A long day at work & getting stuck in the traffic jams is boring. You all know how it feels like, though I love the latter ;)

    I was in the bus. There came a car next to the bus I was in. Someone in the driver's seat was smoking inside that car and my usual thoughts started popping up "How does it feel to smoke? Is the person really tensed or happy? Is traffic jam a reason to smoke?" Too many questions I know.

      There came a little boy who was selling garland to make a living or for studies, which I am not sure of. This person from the car called that little boy.OK, now let's call the person in car CP. The little boy came running to CP & asked how much CP wants.

     CP nodded that she does not want any and smiled. CP took some money from her wallet and gave it to that little boy. CP did not buy any flower from the little boy, who first starred & said no, but as the CP insisted he accepted and said  "Thank  you akka (sister) !!!".

    I was smiling wide witnessing this scene. Now I could only feel the presence of a nice person & the smoker disappeared.

    Everyone of us is a combination of good & bad, what we concentrate on matters a lot. When we are not ready to agree that a person is good with a single deed, why agree that he/she is bad with a single bad thing a person does. So it's we who decide on what we want to see in a person the Angle or the Daemon.


Sana ;)



Have you ever tried to fit in?

Tried to engage in a boring conversation, which you are least interested in?

A group of people who think  alike and you, who never ever belonged there.You are that interesting person anyone would love to spend time with and share their dreams but people around you act as if they are all normal and you are the one from a different world....ALIEN!! WEIRDO!!

Who cares?

Let them think whatever they want.

We are UNIQUE. We are born that way and enjoy every bit of our life.

Those so-called normal people laugh at us and our ideas, though they don't understand a bit.They actually long to be like us and never admit that. Just talk to them, they will end up saying everything about them soon.

We day-dream, we sing aloud, we drench in rain with ice cream in hand.

No one would ever understand how it is to be a weirdo, because all are busy acting normal.

Say if a fictional character does all that we do, normal people will be all "awwwwwwww", but they can't tolerate (actually resist) us in real... ;)

You see that?


No point in trying to FIT IN, when are we born to STAND ALONE!!




Doubt Kills More Dreams than Failure ever will...!!

Life is the best teacher we have always known, it teaches us so many things everyday, at times every hour. We get to meet new people. Sometimes these new people become a part of our life, some remain passers-by, just having a little influence in the way we look at life. It isn't always someone of our age or someone older, it can also be a 3-year old, who enjoys every minute of the life and sees everything like magic.

Looking life from a child's perspective helps us find the things that we miss in our daily run for something which never ever existed. As we grow up we lose this child somewhere, running behind something that is not even real. We misinterpret that, to be our everything, by the time we realize that it is not what we want, it is already too late.

Though it is never too late to start things afresh in life. No one has defined what is the right time to start life.If anyone calls it too late, prove them WRONG. Live a life that you dreamed off. Second chances are really rare. We never know if we will be born the same person again, with the same people around us to love , to be loved. Letting a bad experience change us isn't going to help anyone, instead imagine being the best of influence we can be to someone.

No one can vision our DREAMS the way we look at it, no one can ever believe in us if we don't believe in us. No one can live our life better than us. "Doubt Kills More Dreams than Failure ever will" said Suzy Kassem , kill the doubt not the dreams.



this is really correct
i we think for dream than why we doubt for that it kills more above failure
so dont have doubt with dreaming this will spoil our dreams

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