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Synergy and Business go Hand in Hand to dig out a Successful Future

Started by synergy, May 20, 2015, 12:23 PM

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Synergy School of Business Skills is an institute focusing on human resource development introducing world-class courses and training programs previously unavailable to students of many educational and social backgrounds to equip the learners with best professional practices, and people skills so as to enhance their employability.

Synergy exemplifies an enticing franchising opportunity in the skill development sector in India and many other developing and emerging economies. As a result of globalization companies these days face tough competition from all spheres. To rule and sustain in the global market an organization must focus on quality, operational excellence, adoption of management practices, and technology. Synergy is growing in leaps and bounds to address the skill development requirements of big as well as small companies.
Synergy offers business software courses along with skill development courses to people and organizations that do not possess the required expertise, knowledge and training in web-based business applications.
Synergy teams up with leading business software companies, industries, industry bodies, and professional associations to keep up the institute's name in the market all across the globe. Synergy is already the world's largest Registered Education Provider of Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's premium association of project management professionals.
Synergy has come up with courses in almost all aspects of business involving business administration, human resource, product/service design, development and manufacturing; marketing and customer support.
Synergy invites people who are passionate about contributing to the skill development of professionals and the development of local industry to become its franchise partners. The ideal applicants must be a business expert and an avid learner. Though not necessarily formally educated but the candidate must be driven by quality consciousness, eagerness for organizational systems, and financial strength to invest in creating excellent infrastructure.
Synergy ensures that franchise partners introduce and deliver its courses adhering to quality standards by offering steady support in the areas of human resource development/train the trainer programs, marketing communication, business development, logistics, and customer relations. Synergy caters to the business requirements and the urge to succeed as a business expert in the educational and skill development sector. So, come up and join the endeavor to spread across skill development courses far and wide and emerge as successful business expert too.


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