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Special trains for winter announced

Southern Railway is to operate the following special trains during winter and Sabarimala seasons.

Chennai Egmore - Nagercoil Specials: Train no.0609 will leave Egmore at 6.40 p.m. on all Mondays and Saturdays from November 8 to December 29 and reach Nagercoil at 8.15 a.m. the next day. In the return direction, Train no.0610 will leave Nagercoil at 1.30 p.m. on all Sundays and Tuesdays from November 9 to December 30 and arrive Egmore at 4.15 a.m., the next day. Train no. 0638 will leave Nagercoil at 7.40 p.m. on all Mondays from November 10 to December 29 and arrive Egmore at 8.50 a.m., the next day. In the return direction, Train no.0637 will leave Egmore at 3.40 p.m. on all Tuesdays from November 11 to December 30 and reach Nagercoil at 5.30 a.m., the next day. Chennai Egmore - Tirunelveli Specials: Train no.0603 will leave Egmore at 8.25 p.m. on all Thursdays from November 13 to December 25 and reach Tirunelveli at 9.30 a.m., the next day. In the return direction, Train no.0604 will leave Tirunelveli at 3 p.m. on all Fridays from November 14 to December 26 and arrive Chennai Egmore at 4.15 a.m., the next day.

Coimbatore - Tirupati Specials: Train No. 0623 will leave Coimbatore at 10.35 p.m. on November 11 and 18 and December 16, 23 and 30 and reach Tirupati at 7.30 a.m., the next day. In the return direction, Train no.0624 will leave Tirupati at 9 p.m. on November 12 and 19 and December 17, 24 and 31 and arrive Coimbatore at 7 a.m., the next day.

Tiruchirappalli - Chennai Egmore Specials: Train No.0634 will leave Tiruchirappalli at 8.30 p.m. on all Sundays from November 9 to December 28 and arrive Egmore at 3.15 a.m., the next day. In the return direction, Train no.0633 will leave Egmore at 11.45 p.m. on all Wednesdays from November 12 to December 31 and arrive Tiruchirappalli at 6.15 a.m., the next day. Chennai Egmore - Tuticorin Specials: Train no.0685 will leave Egmore at 11.45 p.m. on all Mondays from November 10 to December 29 and arrive Tuticorin at 12.30 p.m. the next day. Train no. 0686 will leave Tuticorin at 8.45 p.m. on all Tuesdays from November 11 to December 30 and arrive Egmore at 8.50 a.m., the next day.

Sabarimala specials

Chennai Central - Kochuveli Specials: Train no. 0635 will leave Central at 3.15 p.m. on all Thursdays from November 13 to December 25 and reach Kochuveli at 7.30 a.m. the next day. In the return direction, train no.0636 will leave Kochuveli at 11 a.m. on all Fridays from November 14 to December 26 and arrive Central at 4.50 a.m. the next day. Train no. 0657 will leave Central at 3.15 p.m. on all Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from November 14 to December 29 and reach Kochuveli at 7.30 a.m., the next day. In the return direction, train no.0658 will leave Kochuveli at 11 a.m. on all Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from November 15 to December 30 and arrive Central at 4.50 a.m. the next day.

Reservation will commence on November 6.

Additional stoppages for Rameswaram Express: Train no 6101/6102 Chennai Egmore - Rameswaram Expresses will stop at Vriddhachalam and Pamban stations from November 7, according to a Southern Railway press release.


Special train

TIRUCHI: Southern Railway will operate special trains between Thanjavur and Tiruvarur from November 7 to 29 to clear the rush of passengers. These trains will run on all days except Sundays.

Train No. 892A Thanjavur-Tiruvarur Special will leave Thanjavur at 10 a.m. and reach Tiruvarur at 11.30 a.m.

In the return direction, Train No. 899A Tiruvarur-Thanjavur Special will leave Tiruvarur at 6.45 p.m. and arrive at Thanjavur at 8.20 p.m.

The trains will stop at Mariamman Kovil, Kudikadu, Saliyamangalam, Ammapet, Koyilveni, Needamangalam, Koradacherry, Tirumathikunnam and Kulikarai railway stations.


Railways spent Rs 700 crores to eliminate crossing in Kashmir
Srinagar :The Indian Railways has spent Rs 700 crores extra on eliminating the railway crossings on the track in the Kashmir valley to minimise the chances of accidents.

Recently, a student Akeel Ahmad became the first victim of the train, after he was crushed to death at the Bagh-e-Mehtab on Srinagar-Badgam track.A meeting, chaired by Governor N N Vohra, explored the possibilities of eliminating the obtaining railway crossings to reduce chances of the accidents.It was revealed that out of 40 crossings, the Railways had already reduced the number to six.A need was felt to bring down the number of such crossings to zero level.

Mr Vohra called upon the Railways authorities to explore the ways and means to achieve this objective.However, S K Vij, Member Engineering, Railway Board, assured at a meeting, held here yesterday afternoon that the railway crossings would be totally eliminated, if the state government provided necessary support in draining out the rain water from the inundated areas during the monsoon.He said that the Railways have already spent Rs 700 crore extra on eliminating the crossings on the rail tracks, so far.



Southern Railway will run the following special trains to clear the extra rush of passengers.

Chennai Egmore - Nagercoil Specials: T.No.0617 Chennai Egmore - Nagercoil Special will leave Chennai Egmore at 23.45 hrs. on 30.10.2008 and arrive Nagercoil at 14.30 hrs. the next day. T.No.0618 Nagercoil - Chennai Egmore Special will leave Nagercoil at 20.10 hrs. on 31.10.2008 and arrive Chennai Egmore at 10.15 hrs. the next day. The composition of the trains will be 1 AC 2-tier, 14 Sleeper Class, 3 General Second Class and 2 luggage-cum-brake van coaches. The trains will stop at Tambaram, Chengalpattu, Melmaruvathur, Tindivanam, Villupuram, Vridhachalam, Tiruchchirappalli, Dindigul, Kodaikanal Road, Madurai, Virudunagar, Sattur, Kovilpatti, Vanchi Maniyachchi, Tirunelveli and Valliyur. T.No.0618 will stop at Mambalam also.


Inter-city special trains planned

Southern Railway plans to run 372 short-distance special trains in a month to cater to the needs of commuters as well as those travelling to tourist or pilgrim centres in the State.

The special trains will be operated between Tiruchi and Madurai, Coimbatore and Erode, Tirunelveli and Tiruchendur, Arakkaonam and Tambaram, Tiruchur and Guruvayur and Thiruvananthapuram and Quilon.

Southern Railway has been operating special trains, mostly from Chennai to destinations in the south, during the holiday and festival season. Now it has extended the service, as the number of people commuting daily between major cities has increased substantially. For example, thousands of commuters travel daily between Arakkonam and Chengalpet/Tambaram, Quilon and Thiruvananthapuram and Coimbatore and Erode. These commuters are depending mostly on buses. Southern Railway wants to attract this section of commuters.

If the special trains receive good patronage, they will be converted into regular services, according to Chief Public Relations Officer Neenu Ittyerah.

Southern Railway will run 100 more services between Chennai and Nagercoil, Tirunelveli, Madurai, Tiruchi, Bangalore and Coimbatore; between Tirupati and Coimbatore; and from Bangalore to Ernakulam during this month and December.

Demand going up

Ms. Ittyeraah said statistics collected by the zone had revealed that the overall demand on certain routes, especially from Chennai to those in the south such as Tiruchi, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Madurai, Tiruneveli and Nagercoil, was on the rise, a trend which persisted all through the year. Furthermore, there was demand for more trains to Bangalore from Chennai, Ernakulam and Coimbatore, possibly due to the increase in air fares and the relocation of Bangalore Airport. There was also demand for a train from Coimbatore to Tirupati.


Special train to Madurai today

CHENNAI: Southern Railway will operate a special train from Chennai Egmore to Madurai on November 7.

The train no.0631 will leave Egmore at 11.55 p.m. on Friday and reach Madurai at 10 a.m. the next day.

The composition will be 1 first class, 1 AC 3 tier, 6 sleeper class, 8 general second class and 2 Luggage-cum-brake van coaches.

It will stop at Tambaram, Chengalpattu, Melmaruvathur, Tindivanam, Villupuram, Vridhachalam, Tiruchi, Dindigul and Kodaikanal Road.

Advance reservation for the above train commences on Friday morning.

EMU timing revised

From Saturday, train no BA 3 Chennai Beach-Arakkonam will leave Beach at 4.45 a.m. instead of 4.30 a.m. and reach Arakkonam at 6.30 am., a press release from Southern Railway said.


Special train to Tirupati

Southern Railway will run a special train between Coimbatore and Tirupati in November and December.

A press release from Salem Railway Division said five services will be offered in the two months.

The special train service will be available from Coimbatore Railway Junction on November 11 and 18 and December 16, 23 and 30. From Tirupati, the service will be available on November 12 and 19 and December 17, 24 and 31.

The train will depart Coimbatore at 10.35 p.m. and reach Tirpathi at 7.30 a.m.

In the return direction, the train will leave Tirupati at 9 p.m. and arrive at the Coimbatore Junction at 7 a.m.


The train will have one AC two-tier coach, two AC three-tier coaches, 12 sleeper class coaches, two general second class coaches and two luggage cum brake vans.


Airlines loss is Railways gain

Railways/road profitability to rise by 8-10 per cent, Airlines' revenue may fall by around 22-25 per cent

KOCHI: Higher cost of flying has dented air traffic to a significant extent in the last couple of weeks, which will prove a bonanza for Railways and the road transport sector and enhance their profitability by at least 8-10 per cent in current fiscal itself. The air traffic has already started shifting towards railways and roads due to the affordability factor, according to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham).

Reckless expansion undertaken by airlines in the past, with introduction of sub-prime flying to attract large traffic from rail and road with a view to generating larger revenues, had not paid airline managements desired dividends as they could not sustain the business strategy. The net result was that air and cargo fares had to be raised by more than 50 per cent in the past, which forced passengers of economic class to opt for rail or road transport, says Assocham analysis.

The fall in prices of crude has yet to benefit the air operators as Aviation Turbine Fuel has yet to be rationalised, sales tax on it remained higher as fuelling an aircraft is a costlier exercise in India. Therefore, air operators have no other option but continue to sustain their operations with existing fares. The economy class air passengers can no longer afford it and the natural option for them is the road or rail transport.

Railway facilities: In the meanwhile, the facilities for both cargo loading and unloading as well for passengers, especially in Railways, have been upgraded so much that railway transport has come almost on a par with air traffic with favourable and acceptable fares. In such a scenario, it is natural that passengers who had got accustomed to air traffic in the recent past are now forced to take to road/railway for travel purposes.

The Assocham analysis further reveals that the slowdown which has resulted in large cost-cutting measures in corporate India is discouraging their executives up to middle management rank levels to take to air travel as it involves higher cost. Even corporates in the last few weeks have been opting for road transport for physical movements of their executives until it has become absolutely necessary to move them by air.

The Chamber analysis has pointed out that as a result of introduction of sub-prime flying, the air operators owe so much of money to oil companies which keep on supplying them aviation turbine fuel on credit as they cannot afford to suddenly disrupt the supplies since it requires approvals and permissions which do not come handy to them. According to estimates made by Assocham, airlines in the Asia Pacific region, including India and China, will experience a sharp fall in their revenue by around 22-25 per cent towards the end of current fiscal.

The deterioration in air traffic will continue even though there is a consolidation in the aviation sector, particularly in private sector, as it is highly unlikely that the prices of avian fuel would be rationalised as crude oil will scale upward movement. Even if Railways and roads transport further increase their fares, the preference for rail/road transport will be much more as airlines will not come forward for another bad experience for reintroduction of their reduced fares as it will completely damage their business operations, concludes the Assocham analysis.


Southern Railway to have only broad gauge by 2011

By 2011 Southern Railway will have broad gauge lines only, said its General Manager, Rakesh Chopra, at Lovedale, near here, on Sunday.

All the conversion proposals have been cleared by the Ministry and the process of planning and execution of the works was now in progress, he told reporters.

A total of 1,100 km of metre guage lines still needed to be converted, he said adding that the process was being slowed down because of the difficulty in getting experienced contractors.

Claiming that performance-wise Southern Railway was among the best in the country, Mr. Chopra said that during the first half of the current fiscal all financial and load targets have been met.

In both the suburban and non-suburban sections, the passenger traffic has registered a 20 per cent increase in passenger traffic. The Unreserved Ticketing System has been introduced at some places. With incoming traffic increasing, the number of specials being run was on the rise.

"I am monitoring the progress on a day-to-day basis," Mr. Chopra said and added that Automatic Teller Machines, now available in Chennai, will be extended to other places.

To a query, he said that the possibility of reviving freight services on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway was being explored. Movement of commodities like tea would be beneficial to all.

Stating that the mountain railway now had seven steam locomotives in good condition despite their age, he said that four were in the process of being added.

They will be put together at the Golden Rock Workshop of the Southern Railway at Tiruchi.

Since the original locomotives were made by Swiss engineers, either their assistance would be sought or technology obtained. Whether they will be coal fired or oil fired will be decided by the Railway Ministry. About 18 months from the date of being cleared they will be ready for trials.

Owing to the NMR's popularity tourism wise an increase in the number of trips was also being considered. When asked whether the re-opening of some of the stations between Coonoor and Mettupalayam would be considered, he said that it was not necessary.


e-tickets booking made easier

Now, those booking railway tickets online can take it easy with the need to give photo identity proof. That would be needed only at the time of journey. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation introduced this new facility effective November 1.

Passengers would be required to carry a voter ID Card/Passport/PAN Card/Driving license/Photo ID card issued by Central or State governments during their train journey. "The changes were brought in to make online booking easier for passengers," Southern Railway spokesperson Neenu Ittyerah said.

With regards to concern that this could be exploited by ticketing agents to block tickets online especially during rush time, she said passengers need not look at it that way.

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