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Some Major Reasons for Resume Rejection

Started by ravindar, Jul 02, 2008, 08:22 PM

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Some Major Reasons for Resume Rejection

Hi Acumens

Here are some of the major reasons for the rejection of your Resume .

1. Poor personal appearance.

2. Inability to express him/herself clearly. Poor voice, diction, grammar.

3. Lack of planning for a career; no purpose or goals.

4. Lack of confidence and poise; nervous, ill-at-ease.

5. Overemphasis on salary.

6. Unwilling to start at bottom; expects too much too soon.

7. Makes excuses; evasive; hedges on unfavorable factors in records.

8. Lack of tact. Lack of courtesy; ill-mannered.

9. Condemnation of past employers.

10. Fails to look interviewer in the eye.

11. Indecision. Merely shopping around.

12. Sloppy application.

13. Over-elaboration of details of experience.

14. Wants job only for a short time.

15. Little sense of humor. Cynical.

16. Lack of knowledge of field of specialization.

17. No interest in agency.

18. Emphasis on whom he she knows.

19. Unwillingness to go where the agency sends him/her.

Please Try to Avoid it......

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this information helps me how to correct it

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