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Started by devi.naga, Dec 27, 2012, 03:35 PM

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1. what is an inode in Unix?

2. small program in Pascal to add a node to a linked list. (You have to tell what the program does)

3. C strcmp program (You have to tell what the program does)

4. set of dos commands testing basic familiarity with dir, ren *.t?t, cd etc.

5. what is the order of binary search?

6. what is the order of strassens matrix multiplication?

7. you have to maintain the sorted order of integers and insert integers . which data structure would you use? (tree, list, queue, array?)

8. There are two lists of integers to be merged. Which method would you not use?

9. In an online database system when is data written to disk? (on pressing enter, when commit or update is encountered, at end of data, all of the above) (was clueless! )

10. Small prolog function which prints 2345true. You need to tell output.

11. Convert this binary into octal. 010 100 101

12. Lisp program given. what does it do? (GCD, LCM, Multiplies mxn?)

13. What is paging?

14. what is segmentation?

15. 2/3 questions on equivalence class, associative and commutative properties.

16. question on poset.

17. one figure given, give regular expression for it