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i Gate Placement Paper Pattern [Paper - 5]

Started by devi.naga, Dec 27, 2012, 12:33 PM

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i Gate Placement Paper Pattern

[Paper - 5]

The selection procedure is:

1.Aptitude Test
3.Technical and HR interview

Aptitude Test:

15 question no choices, no worksheet will be provided,no negative marks, u have to work in the space provided in the question paper
some topics are Time and Distance, Probability, Problems on numbers, Average, Age, Profit and Loss and some other topics in RS Agarwal.. that is enough
GD: The topic i recieved is "TRAFFIC", the GD was about 20 minutes, There were about 10 students in one GD and 5 of them got selected, the HR asked everyone to tell their views about the topic and then started the discussion. I have talked a few times only but at appropriate time, Just tell ur points that is enough, avoid unnecessary arguments. Just talk and dont be mum.
When the HR itself ask u to talk(during first few minutes), make use of that opportunity, in a GD we have to grab our chance, so when the chance comes make the best use of it.

Techinical and HR interview:

There were only 2 HR questions for me

1.Tell me about ur self

2.How u will be in iGate after 5 years

The remaining were only Technical questions, there were some question on
DBMS and some SQL queries
Java(Basics) and other Programming Languages
Be Honest, if u dont know about some topics admit that u dont know for all IT students it is a must that u will be asked questions on DBMS and SQL queries.
I have presented a paper and i have put that in my resume, so he asked about that paper also,if u have something like that please know everything in ur paper, this will also help u to divert the HR to a place where ur strong, Best of Luck . Some questions that i Remeber, i have put here

1. A goat is trying to climb a cliff of 60feet high, for a minute it climbs 3minutes up and slips 2feet at what time will it reach the top of the cliff?
Ans: At 58th Minute.

2. The sum of two numbers is 10 and the product of the two numbers is 20 what is the sum of the reciprocals of the two numbers?
Ans: 1/2
Let 2 numbers be x and Y
1/x + 1/Y = (x+y)/xy=10/20=1/2(ans)

3. A train is coming at some speed and the other train is coming in opposite direction with some other speed, a bird is flying in between the trains touching each end and the bird is also flying at some speed, what is the distance covered by the bird, when both trains meet each other?( I have forgetted the data )

4. A man has two children and atleast 1 girl child, what is the probability that both his children are girls?

5. A profit and Loss problem where the gain percentage with respect to Selling price is given we have to calculate the gain percentage with respect to the Cost price

6. There were some red balls and blue and green balls what percent of probability of selecting 6 balls out of which we have 2 balls of the same color.

7. some 6 digit number will be given with some digits missing and the full number will be divided by some other number and we have to find out the digits. I have got some 6 digit number 1s38s9(i dont know the exact number its just a model) and that number is divided by 36 find which number will be come in the place of s.