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HIIIIIIIIIIII Just my resume

Started by vinay_316, May 14, 2008, 09:54 AM

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             Vinay Rai
             5/304 Rajratna Park,
             Opp. Swastik Park,
             Near Brahmand phase-3,
             Off Ghodbunder road,
             Thane(W) 400607
             Mobile:  99205 45100

              To achieve professional satisfaction, career progression and personal development by working in     
             learning environment that encourages growth .
              SKILL SET

    Language:          C, C++          
    OS:                      WINDOWS 98,WINDOWS 2000,WINDOWS XP
             DATASTRUCTURE :   C
   B.E in Electronics Engineering from Datta Meghe College of Engineering
                         Mumbai University(Rank of the College:4TH )
                         Passed  in July 2006 with 74% marks.
   H.S.C in Science from Sheth T.J College Jr College of Science.
Mumbai Board (Rank of the college :1st )
Passed in June 2002 with 85% marks.
    S.S.C From D.D.English Medium High School
Mumbai Board(Rank of the School:2nd )
Passed in June 2000 with 78.26% marks.


   Project Title :   Denoising of images using Wavelet Transform & its Applications.
   Language      :   Matlab 6.0
            Platform        :  Matlab 6.0     
            Team Size      : 4   
            Description : In this project we implemented the following ;
1.   Learn about the wavelet transform & types of wavelet transform.
2.   Get the various types of ECG signal.
3.   Select the best possible Wavelet function .We selected the Db wavelets.
4.   Decompose the various ECG signals .
5.   Find out the amount of low & high frequency components & their effects.
6.   Then capture an image signal & add noise .
7.   Then with the help of designed filter remove the added noise from the image.
8.   Compare the original image with the filtered one & make conclusions.
9.   Study its applications to various fields of engineering.

             Role involved:  Team member.

   Sex:              Male
Marital Status:        Single
Date of Birth:           02-01-1985
Nationality:           Indian

             Languages Known:        English, Hindi
   Permanent  Address:            5/304 Rajratna Park, Opp. Swastik Park,
                                                            Near Brahmand phase-3, Off Ghodbunder road,
                                                            Thane(W) 400607
            Permanent   Phone No          :9920545100

54th  Rank in Mumbai university in B.E(Electronics) July 2006


              Willingness to Learn, Hard Working, Flexible, Honest and Sincere, Professional Attitude.


Hi Vinay Rai
             what you have prepared is ok, But it doesnt give any impression.
             Resume will tell what you are..

             First change your objective
            put skill set after education
            highlight your percentage by seperating it  or through boxes
            try to include some mini projects ..... if any
            dont give brief description for  project ,cut short it
            then put achievement
            then  strength after that personal details
            try to put hobbies ,personal details should come at the end
            then put one reference

Thanhs and Regards
Thanks and Regards,


Thank you hari,

Hi vinay. What hari said is clear. Kindly check out the above points and update it.
And then upload a new resume to review it.


Dear Viinay,

Resume Makes more impression than the words you speak.

what ever u prepared is well and good, but little bit changes in the order that you made.

Project Exp is good try to place your role in top of the box.

Should be in proper format to show your skill set.

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