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Could you review my resume

Started by sunilstephen87, May 14, 2008, 10:10 AM

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     I would like to know if i could improve my resume better. Kindly help me with this



Hi Sunil,

I found your resume to neat and more understandable.

Positive Trends in your CV,

  • Fonts, Bold, Underline & Date formats are good
  • your strengths @ personal profile is simple and perfect
  • Objective is nearly perfect
  • Email Address and Mobile number is mentioned in the right place

Improving Trends in your CV are,

  • No Photographs attached properly
  • Aggregate is enough and detailed marking is not required
  • Operating System : could be simple as Window/Linux, hope xp,dos,vista are not required
  • Mention time scale for the work experience column
  • Hope reference is not required anywhere, if we have self confidence

[blink]Overall Score for your Resume is 75 + .[/blink]


Hi  Sunil,
                You resume is very nice............... just place the strength after work experience  or after extra curriculum activities ..........
Am now @ Chennai